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A yeoman of the British monarch's royal guard.

[Earlier, well-fed servant.]


(Military) a nickname often applied to the Yeomen of the Guard and the Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London


(ˈbifˌi tər)

a yeoman of the English royal guard or a warder of the Tower of London.
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Noun1.beefeater - officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarchbeefeater - officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch
bodyguard, escort - someone who escorts and protects a prominent person


[ˈbiːfˌiːtəʳ] N (Brit) → alabardero m de la Torre de Londres


[ˈbiːfiːtər] nhallebardier m (de la tour de Londres)beef sausage nsaucisse f de Strasbourg
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I was to-day at Court and saw Raymond among the beefeaters, staying to see the Queen; so I put him in a better station, made two or three dozen of bows, and went to Church, and then to Court again to pick up a dinner, as I did with Sir John Stanley, and then we went to visit Lord Mountjoy, and just now left him, and
Beefeaters were before the august box; the Marquis of Steyne (Lord of the Powder Closet) and other great officers of state were behind the chair on which he sat, HE sat--florid of face, portly of person, covered with orders, and in a rich curling head of hair--how we sang God save him
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