beer keg

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: keg - a barrel that holds beerbeer keg - a barrel that holds beer    
barrel, cask - a cylindrical container that holds liquids
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A beer keg with wires attached to it was found abandoned along the Clogh Road in Rosslea in the early hours of Wednesday.
Blakey then picked up a beer keg and began walking out the door, police said.
Cool System GmbHof Furth, Germany, now offers CoolKeg, described as the world's first self-chilling beer keg.
By JILLY BEATTIE ARMY bomb experts worked late into the night to examine a beer keg believed to have been turned into a deadly bomb.
Dissident republicans in the North were last night being blamed for the major security alerts that included an abandoned beer keg stuffed with 40kg of explosives.
The "Cool Keg" is a beer keg that incorporate an integrated cooling system, jointly developed by KHS Till, Cool-System Bev.
He was throttled with a gold chain and battered with a beer keg.
The culprit used a beer keg to smash two panes of toughened glass before removing a painting of the Quays by Paul Maloney and a view of the Main Street by David Diaz.
Archaeologists digging below what was once the red light district in Prescott, AZ, recently found dozens of medicine and liquor bottles, an intact Westinghouse light bulb, opium pipes, a Chinese coin from the 1600s, gambling chips and an I 890s wooden beer keg stamped by the Anheuser Busch Company.
The bomb was packed into a beer keg in the back of a white car and left outside the office in the Falls Road.
He had been throttled with the gold chain he was wearing then battered with a beer keg.
O'Hara , from Wakefield, had been throttled with the gold chain he was wearing then battered with a beer keg.