beer mat

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mat - a drip mat placed under a glass of beerbeer mat - a drip mat placed under a glass of beer
drip mat - a small mat placed under a glass to protect a surface from condensation
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To be fair, you could fit most of their ideas on a beer mat and their last manifesto was described as "drivel" - by leader Nigel Farage.
The beer mat featuring a viaduct design and (left) one of the photographs taken 40 years ago by Barry Greener (right).
TO WIN: All you have to do is pay a visit to Flaherty's in Barcelona and pick up a Carling beer mat.
The beer mat goes on top of the glass and has Annie's Bar on it and the words "I've gone for a smoke".
SCIENTISTS have spent two months designing the perfect beer mat for flipping.
BEER MAT THAT COULD SAVE YOUTO detect signs of date-rape drugs, SureScreen Diagnostics have devised a beer mat which, when in contact with a drink containing substances, will change colour.
Emma (left), Daniel, Stephanie, Lizzie and Jenny Allen join Noah's Ark licensee Claire Grinsell to launch the Christmas beer mat drive.
Stuart, now aged 52, and from Halifax, was the sales director of Quarmby (the beer mat printers) at Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.
The chances of someone becoming a victim of a drug- assisted sexual assault are slim but they will be even smaller if people follow the four simple steps in the beer mat.
They'll be talking about something and suddenly they'll see the picture on the beer mat and it could end up in smutty chat.
And one version of the beer mat carries a picture of 14 pints to rub home the message.
The beer mat campaign is being organised by the National Meningitis Trust to coincide with their awareness week, beginning today.