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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mat - a drip mat placed under a glass of beerbeer mat - a drip mat placed under a glass of beer
drip mat - a small mat placed under a glass to protect a surface from condensation
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The campaign has produced a series of rugby-themed beer mats with the slogans "send stigma to the sin bin", "tackle stigma" and "say balls to stigma", distributing them to pubs and bars across the length and breadth of Wales.
BEER mats highlighting the shocking reality of sex-trafficking will be placed in pubs to deter drinkers from hiring prostitutes.
A grieving mum last night handed out drugdetecting beer mats on the first anniversary of her son's death.
Claire Drury, 37, teacher, of Durham, said: "When I was a student, me and my friend collected beer mats and put them on our wall.
MISUSES of passports, with some being used as beer mats and others being put through the wash, has led to a big increase in Britons forced to fork out for emergency travel documents (ETDs).
Customers will be able to use their smartphones to scan BT Sport beer mats, bar towels and posters to activate video content, including sporting highlight clips, using Blippar technology, from the start of the season.
On this occasion, we were in the car driving away from a supermarket, there were no beer mats available and it seemed, even to me, a little extreme to drive to the nearest pub to find one.
London, July 3 ( ANI ): Pub industry experts have come up with a list of things one no longer see in boozers - ranging from beer mats to pints of light and bitter.
They have created beer mats with details of recommended alcohol limits for men and women on one side, and paid-for adverts on the other side.
The ghost of Henry Skinner is being blamed by staff for knocking over glasses, flinging beer mats and causing havoc at Temple Street's Trocadero, left.
The England Illegal Money Lending Team, a specialist unit in place to investigate and prosecute loan sharks, has also been distributing beer mats warning about the dangers of falling prey to the sharks.
We've noticed that vasectomy inquiries have gone up each month, with a large number of men calling in after seeing the beer mats.