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n.1.A house where malt liquors are sold; an alehouse.
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Many other premises have evolved from humble alehouses, through back-street beerhouses, low town dives and flaring gin palaces to the drinking establishments of the 21st century.
By the later 19th century, the era of the publican brewer in Birmingham was fast By the later 19th century, the era of the publican brewer in Birmingham was fast drawing to an end, overwhelmed by the rise of the large common breweries that were buying up pubs and beerhouses so as to have outlets for their beers.
In 1868 there was noted to be 69 public houses and 127 beerhouses in Middlesbrough.
Central Birmingham Pubs records the inns, taverns and beerhouses of the city centre, now within the present Inner Ring Road and Bull Ring.
IWAS working on some local history research recently and discovered that my own village had some 30 beerhouses and pubs - serving a population of only a few thousand people
Pubs and Beerhouses Tour of Preston on September 3 is a leisurely walk round the city centre's most famous watering holes.
Alehouses became beerhouses in the 14th and 15th century with the introduction of hops and also became pivotal to British community life.
On Friday and Saturday nights, the city centre formed a contested terrain, as gangs drawn from as far apart as Salford and Bradford confronted each other in music-halls, nearby beerhouses and the surrounding streets.
John first worked for the Beerhouses organisation under former landlady Sam Smith.
Within a few years, thousands of beerhouses had sprung up - 46,000 by 1836 - alongside 56,000 public houses.
John Boothroyd, senior librarian at Gateshead Central Library, and library assistant Yvonne Kennedy have been plotting the history of the town's pubs for an exhibition at Gateshead Central Library; Bars, Beerhouses and Breweries of Old Gateshead.
This second volume from the popular Images Of England series takes readers on a fascinating pub crawl of the city's pubs and beerhouses within the area of Birmingham's Middle Ring Road.