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Noun1.befoulment - the state of being pollutedbefoulment - the state of being polluted    
dirtiness, uncleanness - the state of being unsanitary
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Its consequences have been global climate change, contamination and befoulment of the atmosphere, land, inland water systems, and seas; soil erosion, deforestation and desertification; damage to human health, including a host of modern-day diseases.
Yet, despite his contention that a sip from the creek offers a "purifying rinse," Meng realizes immediately that this creek has killed, conceals evil, and stands guilty of "mud-trodden" befoulment.
His erotic attraction to her builds on mutual punishment, befoulment, and repudiation, as when he writes her evasive letters that cruelly exaggerate his commitments elsewhere and simultaneously profess his affection for her.