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Noun1.beggarman - a man who is a beggarbeggarman - a man who is a beggar    
beggar, mendicant - a pauper who lives by begging
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I called about that beggarman, Boone--the one who was charged with being concerned in the disappearance of Mr.
friends and rich friends, beds to lie in, food to eat, doctors to see to him -- and here he must tramp in the dubs and sleep in the heather like a beggarman.
The people all knew Barnaby, and the children of the place came flocking round him--as she remembered to have done with their fathers and mothers round some silly beggarman, when a child herself.
However John is quick to say that fans of the band's classics back catalogue, which features tracks such as Beggarman, I Can't Give You Up, Slow Down and Lay It On Me can rest easy.
Richman, poorman, beggarman, chief: the dynamics of social inequality, in G.
Smoove and Turrell's rise through the ranks of British soul has been nothing but unstoppable, after first album Antique Soul scored some heavy points with singles I Can't Give You Up, You Don't Know and Beggarman.
He has narrowed it down to five suspects, which he codenames Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Beggarman and Poorman after the nursery rhyme.
Singles I Can't Give You Up, You Don't Know and Beggarman gained the lads two records of the week on Radio 2 (courtesy of Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie) and their first ever-national playlist on 6Music.
The Sunday Mercury was invited to the 'hush hush' show at John Henry's THE SECRET SHOW SETLIST Black Country One Last Soul Beggarman Song Of Yesterday Stand (At The Burning Tree) The Great Divide Medusa Sista Jane rehearsal rooms in London, and can reveal that the band plan to play a one-off show in Wolverhampton sometime around Christmas - their only UK date this year.