(bĭ-gôr′ə, -gŏr′ə)
interj. Irish
Used as a mild oath.

[Alteration of by God.]


an emphatic exclamation, regarded as a characteristic utterance of Irish people
[C19: euphemistic alteration of by God!]


(bɪˈgɔr ə, -ˈgɒr ə, bi-)

interj. Irish Eng.
(used as a euphemism for by God): It's a fine day, begorra.
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Begorra and pass the cabbage at Newport's Shamrock Supper
And, sure and begorra, that year the Angel of the North got an Irish makeover when it was lit up in green.
As in the previous songs, the humour is at the expense of the gauche Mick, who is subsequently clearly taken advantage of by his chorus girl ('Oh, begorra, I plase this girl rightly, The people says there's Mick the pro.
Hear Brad Pitt trying to talk like a dodgy Irish geezer, begorra.
It cost $2 to get in and "faith and begorra," there was a keg of Killian's Red available, a carafe of wine and soft drinks.