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tr.v. be·grudged, be·grudg·ing, be·grudg·es
1. To envy (someone) the possession or enjoyment of (something): She begrudged him his youth.
2. To give or expend with reluctance: begrudged every penny spent.

be·grudg′er n.
be·grudg′ing·ly adv.


References in classic literature ?
It may be as you say," he continued, reverting to the purport of Heyward's last remark; "and the greater the reason why we should cut our steaks, and let the carcass drive down the stream, or we shall have the pack howling along the cliffs, begrudging every mouthful we swallow.
And they do it with a certain panache and swagger that only the most begrudging music fan would begrudge them their success (that means you, Joe Lindsay).
OH dear, regarding Tony Martins letter (Mail, May 13) begrudging Blues their moment of glory.
Everyone else will simply be annoyed, but you cannot help but hold begrudging respect for the Jamaican.
After all, more people in Liverpool/Merseyside, even begrudging Evertonians, can relate to his most famous song, You'll Never Walk Alone.