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tr.v. be·guiled, be·guil·ing, be·guiles
1. To deceive by guile or charm: beguiled unwary investors.
2. To deprive (someone) of something by guile or deceit; cheat: a disease that has beguiled me of strength.
3. To distract the attention of; divert: "to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming" (Abraham Lincoln).
4. To amuse or charm; delight or fascinate. See Synonyms at charm.
5. To pass (time) pleasantly.

[Middle English bigilen : bi-, be- + gilen, to deceive; see guile.]

be·guile′ment n.
be·guil′er n.
be·guil′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.beguilement - magnetic personal charmbeguilement - magnetic personal charm    
attractiveness - sexual allure
2.beguilement - an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexationsbeguilement - an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations
entertainment, amusement - an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention
References in classic literature ?
It would have been easy to get into a sad, wild tangle about how much I might betray; but the real account, I feel, of the hours of peace that I could still enjoy was that the immediate charm of my companions was a beguilement still effective even under the shadow of the possibility that it was studied.
You're back in the youth of the race--back in the beguilement of the young world.
had been a more deserving object, she too might have condescended to come down from her pedestal for his beguilement.
It signifies the Supreme Person (Purushattoma), an end of any "free-play of self- beguilement .
We reject this beguilement exercised by the Muslim Brotherhood through describing the opposition as remnants of the former regime," the statement read.
Further, you may claim compensation in accordance with Article 285 of Federal Law No 5 of 1985 which states: "If a person deceives another, he shall be liable for damages for such act of beguilement.