behavior modification

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behavior modification

1. The application of learning techniques such as conditioning, biofeedback, reinforcement, or aversion therapy in order to change a person's behavior.

behavior modifier n.

behav′ior modifica`tion

the direct changing of unwanted behavior by means of biofeedback or conditioning.
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Noun1.behavior modification - psychotherapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior and extinguishing undesired behaviorbehavior modification - psychotherapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior and extinguishing undesired behavior
psychotherapy - the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means
assertiveness training - a method of psychotherapy that reinforces you for stating negative and positive feelings directly
aversion therapy - any technique of behavior modification that uses unpleasant stimuli in a controlled fashion to alter behavior in a therapeutic way; primarily used for alcoholism or drug abuse (but with little success)
desensitisation procedure, desensitisation technique, desensitization procedure, desensitization technique, systematic desensitisation, systematic desensitization - a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety; client is exposed to the threatening situation under relaxed conditions until the anxiety reaction is extinguished
flooding, implosion therapy - a technique used in behavior therapy; client is flooded with experiences of a particular kind until becoming either averse to them or numbed to them
reciprocal inhibition, reciprocal-inhibition therapy - a method of behavior therapy based on the inhibition of one response by the occurrence of another response that is mutually incompatible with it; a relaxation response might be conditioned to a stimulus that previously evoked anxiety
token economy - a form of behavior therapy that has been used in some mental institutions; patients are rewarded with tokens for appropriate behavior and the tokens may be cashed in for valued rewards
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Group and private training, rally, behavior modification, workshops, intern and apprentice programs.
During the study researcher observed a positive impact of behavior modification plan on child's behavior which was obvious through a difference between pre-individualize educational program test and post- individualize educational program test in the form of reduced frequency of behavioral problems.
Amphetamines such as Adderall and Ritalin have been used to treat a multitude of conditions from narcolepsy to ADHD since the 1930s, due to their behavior modification properties.
Authors Browning and Stover, previously research psychologists at the Children's Treatment Center in Madison, Wisconsin, explores behavior modification techniques used in treating emotionally disturbed children in controlled experimental settings.
If you choose this option, I'd recommend starting medication and behavior modification early in the season rather than allowing your dog to have a number of panic reactions before intervening.
Several other antecedents favored behavior modification in general and behavior analysis programs in particular moving into prisons.
My rejection of the primacy of behavior modification rests on my practice and my reflection in action as I've tried this approach.
Pelham, who is also a professor of psychology at the university, and his colleagues have completed two studies funded by the National Institutes of Health that examined dosing and sequencing of behavior modification and medication.
Parents also evaluated the treatment conditions; they ranked a high level of behavior modification therapy, either alone or in combination with medication, as their first choice for managing ADHD, compared with medication alone or with a lower level of behavior modification alone.
Ever consider yourself in the behavior modification business?
Many approaches seem to work, but they tend to break into two categories: the behavior modification approach and the needs-based approach.
The resulting RUT Model describes four rather distinct population segments based on risk and utilization: Examination of these segments provides critical insight into member profitability, needs and behavior modification opportunities.

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