bel esprit

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bel es·prit

 (bĕl′ ĕ-sprē′)
n. pl. beaux es·prits (bō′zĕ-sprē′)
A cultivated, highly intelligent person.

[French : bel, fine + esprit, mind.]

bel esprit

(bɛl ɛspri)
n, pl beaux esprits (boz ɛspri)
a witty or clever person
[literally: fine wit]
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Noun1.bel esprit - a witty or clever person with a fine mindbel esprit - a witty or clever person with a fine mind
intellectual, intellect - a person who uses the mind creatively
References in classic literature ?
She was a bel esprit, and a dreadful Radical for those days.
Raoul remained silent, for he was not prepared for the dignity of the bel esprit.
About Bel EspritShowroom International and the Bel Esprit Showroom are bringing their signature Style Lounge to Las Vegas Fashion Week, presenting fashion from couture to sportswear, and accessory and jewelry collections to buyers and press on Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22.
Le ministre de l'Interieur et des Collectivites locales, Daho Ould Kablia, est convaincu que l'installation des Assemblees populaires communales (APC) issues du scrutin du 29 novembre dernier s'est effectuee dans un bel esprit civique.
Black Caviar is by a sire of speed horses in Bel Esprit and, while her half-brother All Too Hard has won at the highest level over a mile, she comes from a family that predominantly houses sprinters, such as 5f Group 1 winner Magnus.
com)-- Bel Essence has joined the Bel Esprit Showroom as a sponsor of showroom events and campaigns promoting ecological and ethical designers.
Mainstays of the Australian stallion ranks Redoute's Choice, More Than Ready and Commands finished third, fourth and fifth in the championship, one place in front of Black Caviar's sire Bel Esprit.
Black Caviar is by the Royal Academy horse Bel Esprit, a Group 1 winner at both two and three.
The directory is a free resource for both designers and suppliers, and Bel Esprit will assist designers in their sourcing as well as list the services of sourcing consultants in the directory.
Today, Moody saddles a far greater beast in Black Caviar and fittingly the daughter of Bel Esprit - the horse all eyes worldwide will be watching when the gates spring back for the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at 3.
Top sprinter Bel Esprit is one of two Group 1 winners by the stallion bred in Australia and a further 11 resulted from his shuttle trips to Brazil.