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tr.v. be·la·bored, be·la·bor·ing, be·la·bors
1. To talk or write about at length or excessively; harp on: Don't belabor the point.
2. To assail verbally: "He ... belabored the new president for speedy military action against secession" (William Marvel).
3. To attack with blows; hit, beat, or whip.


(bɪˈleɪ bər)

1. to explain, worry about, or work at unduly: belaboring an obvious point.
2. to assail, as with ridicule.
3. to beat; pummel.
Also, esp. Brit., be•la′bour.


Past participle: belabored
Gerund: belaboring

I belabor
you belabor
he/she/it belabors
we belabor
you belabor
they belabor
I belabored
you belabored
he/she/it belabored
we belabored
you belabored
they belabored
Present Continuous
I am belaboring
you are belaboring
he/she/it is belaboring
we are belaboring
you are belaboring
they are belaboring
Present Perfect
I have belabored
you have belabored
he/she/it has belabored
we have belabored
you have belabored
they have belabored
Past Continuous
I was belaboring
you were belaboring
he/she/it was belaboring
we were belaboring
you were belaboring
they were belaboring
Past Perfect
I had belabored
you had belabored
he/she/it had belabored
we had belabored
you had belabored
they had belabored
I will belabor
you will belabor
he/she/it will belabor
we will belabor
you will belabor
they will belabor
Future Perfect
I will have belabored
you will have belabored
he/she/it will have belabored
we will have belabored
you will have belabored
they will have belabored
Future Continuous
I will be belaboring
you will be belaboring
he/she/it will be belaboring
we will be belaboring
you will be belaboring
they will be belaboring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been belaboring
you have been belaboring
he/she/it has been belaboring
we have been belaboring
you have been belaboring
they have been belaboring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been belaboring
you will have been belaboring
he/she/it will have been belaboring
we will have been belaboring
you will have been belaboring
they will have been belaboring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been belaboring
you had been belaboring
he/she/it had been belaboring
we had been belaboring
you had been belaboring
they had been belaboring
I would belabor
you would belabor
he/she/it would belabor
we would belabor
you would belabor
they would belabor
Past Conditional
I would have belabored
you would have belabored
he/she/it would have belabored
we would have belabored
you would have belabored
they would have belabored
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.belabor - to work at or to absurd lengthbelabor - to work at or to absurd length; "belabor the obvious"
work at, work on - to exert effort in order to do, make, or perform something; "the child worked at the multiplication table until she had it down cold"
2.belabor - attack verbally with harsh criticismbelabor - attack verbally with harsh criticism; "She was belabored by her fellow students"
criticise, criticize, pick apart, knock - find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws; "The paper criticized the new movie"; "Don't knock the food--it's free"
3.belabor - beat soundlybelabor - beat soundly        
beat up, work over, beat - give a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggression; "Thugs beat him up when he walked down the street late at night"; "The teacher used to beat the students"


To hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows:
Informal: lambaste.
Slang: clobber.
Idiom: rain blows on.
References in classic literature ?
Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.
Barlow's dialogue has the cadence and colloquialism of real speech, without belaboring the reading experience: "Patel wiped his forehead with a railroad bandana.
two old men chatted over Zeus, and one, belaboring a point,
Without belaboring the point, to me Karzai is a capable and complicated leader in a very complicated political situation," Lieberman said.
Rather than belaboring the difficulty of the task, the rest of this paper is devoted to a study of these interventions and how they can be used in schools to improve student success and reduce dropout behavior.
At the risk of belaboring the culinary metaphor, the pieces vary in flavor and texture from rather dry and chewy (the attractive but strangely cold "Song of the Ch'in" by Zhou Long, Tan Dun's pointillistic "Cloudiness") to sweet and juicy (Bright Sheng's aching "Silent Temple IV" and Chou We n-chung's "Larghetto nostalgieo").
Without belaboring the controversy, I would suggest that the problem with CT screening for lung cancer is with the patient study mix ("CT Not Advised for Lung Cancer Screening," Oct.
As The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto put it, with great cynicism and possibly great accuracy, "if the Democrats really think that belaboring complaints about harsh treatment of the enemy is the way to 'score points with the public,' they're more out of touch than we thought.
Football season is far enough in the past that there is little point in belaboring the conduct and tactics of Mike Martz, but one more comment might be germane.
And belaboring the point, even at a $99 price, you'd break even at about 0.
In a nutshell: Producer Mike Fleiss seems more intent on manufacturing and belaboring cruel drama - rooming the redneck with the gay guy, trying to alternately patch up and exacerbate the effects of a divorce, reuniting sweethearts and troublemakers - than simply allowing the participants to interact organically.
PLODDING back and forth before the jury box, he bludgeoned the panel with his case, belaboring every point, and filled the air with excruciating minutiae, lifting his chin and dragging his vowels in a most irksome way.