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or bel·dame  (bĕl′dəm, -dăm)
An old woman, especially one who is considered ugly.

[Middle English, grandmother : bel, indicating respect (from Old French bel, fine, from Latin bellus; see deu- in Indo-European roots) + dame, lady; see dame.]


(ˈbɛldəm) or


1. archaic an old woman, esp an ugly or malicious one; hag
2. an obsolete word for grandmother
[C15: from bel- grand (as in grandmother), from Old French bel beautiful, from Latin bellus + dam mother, variant of dame]


(ˈbɛl dəm, -dæm)

also bel•dame

(-dəm, -ˌdeɪm)

an old woman, esp. an ugly one; hag.
[1400–50; late Middle English: grandmother <bel- grand- (< Middle French bel fine; see belle) + dam mother (see dam 2]
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Noun1.beldam - an ugly evil-looking old womanbeldam - an ugly evil-looking old woman  
old woman - a woman who is old
2.beldam - a woman of advanced agebeldam - a woman of advanced age    
old woman - a woman who is old


or beldame
An ugly, frightening old woman:
Slang: biddy.
Archaic: trot.
References in classic literature ?
But the strong-willed old beldam scowled, and beckoned, and flung the energy of her purpose so forcibly at this poor combination of rotten wood, and musty straw, and ragged garments, that it was compelled to show itself a man, in spite of the reality of things.
The wrinkled beldams involved themselves in their rusty cloaks as he passed by; even the mild-featured maidens seemed to dread contamination; and many a stern old man arose, and turned his repulsive and unheavenly countenance upon the gentle boy, as if the sanctuary were polluted by his presence.
While being bored and neglected by her busy parents in the real world, Coraline finds herself at the centre of attention of her Other Mother and Other Father in the alternate world before finding out that she is tricked and trapped by Beldam, the super creepy villain originally in the form of the Other Mother, who wants to capture children's souls.
The "shot that changed cricket", a picture taken at Kennington Oval in 1905 by self-taught photographer and keen cricketer George Beldam, is one that youngsters the world over have sought to recreate.
The "shot that changed cricket", a photograph taken at Kennington Oval in 1905 by a self-taught photographer and keen cricketer, George Beldam, credited as being the first man to concentrate on "action photography", was originally an image in Great Batsmen, authored by Beldam.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 4, 2016-Indutrade to acquire Beldam Crossley Ltd in UK
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-April 4, 2016-Indutrade to acquire Beldam Crossley Ltd in UK
There Coraline meets the ghosts of three children, all of whom had fallen prey to the figure they call the beldam.
Rear fire door at Beldam Crossley Ltd, Old Leeds Road Centre forced open and mattresses stolen.
Ryan Taylor, a 17-year-old from Northumberland, has been chosen to receive e Beldam Scholarship from the National Gamekeepers' Organisation Educational Trust to support his studies at Newton Rigg College in Cumbria.
The brave warrior Wulf has died in combat while attempting to vanquish the sorcerer Beldam.
India, March 2 -- In view of the recent beldam in Parliament, the question arises as to what is moral and what is immoral.