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1. Any of various tropical American birds of the family Cotingidae, having a characteristic bell-like call.
2. Any of various birds of Australia and New Zealand that also have a bell-like call.


1. (Animals) any of several tropical American passerine birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call: family Cotingidae (cotingas)
2. (Animals) either of two other birds with a bell-like call: an Australian flycatcher, Oreoica gutturalis (crested bellbird), or a New Zealand honeyeater, Anthornis melanura



any of several birds with vocalizations suggestive of a bell, esp. cotingas of the genus Procnias and a New Zealand honeyeater, Anthornis melanura.
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Noun1.bellbird - any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like callbellbird - any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call
cotinga, chatterer - passerine bird of New World tropics
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kid kid dikdik--two goats, small antelope marmot tom ram--rodent, cat, sheep martin nit ram--[approximately equal to] swallow, louse, sheep marten egret toad napu panda otter genet ram--napu = chevrotain (W) + 7 common animals motmot tom tom--colourful tropical bird, two cats oka miro korimako--oca (W), NZ tree, NZ bellbird tangelo mole gnat--hybrid citrus, talpid, a fly
I stalked the room, ducking branches, tip-toeing or crouching atyour favorite perches, endured the harrowing spectrum of avianbioacoustics on Bose surround sound: three-wattled bellbird, Tennesseewarbler, and nuthatch.
Under the flagship of New Bellbird Apparels FZCO the brand now operates with many outlets across Abu Dhabi, Bur Dubai, Karama, Deira Dubai, Qusais, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, New Zealand and India and thrives to expand market in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
Brisbane, Australia, Nov 22, 2013 - (ABN Newswire) - Drilling of diamond tails at the Marshall-Reward and Bellbird deposits at KGL Resources Ltd (ASX:KGL) Jervois project in NT has commenced.
Kentor Gold (KGL) updated resource estimate at the Jervois Copper-Silver-Gold Project, following the completion of the recent drilling campaign at the Reward and Bellbird prospects.
Chatterer f Alhaarth - Miss Bellbird Horne, Hoare, Gaskell and partners Unraced From a really good family of Sonia Rogers'.
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Listen carefully and you'll hear the warblings of the native bellbird and the scuttlings of a Kiwi as it hunts for worms in the brush.
The great Australian shows were created out of the Australian idiom--shows like A Country Practice, Bellbird (1967-1977), The Sullivans (1976-1983), Blue Heelers--instead of trying to ape the shows we actually enjoy watching from America or Britain.
Archival footage allowed us to 'remember' our favourite programs, and more importantly the idea that we grew up with them together--such as the generational cultures orientated around Countdown or Bellbird.
I get little pleasure out of this: FM93 ROX is a sad stand-in for a bellbird.