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One that serves as a leader or as a leading indicator of future trends: "The degree to which the paper is censored is a political bellwether" (Justine De Lacy).

[Middle English bellewether, wether with a bell hung from its neck, leader of the flock : belle, bell; see bell1 + wether, wether; see wether.]


1. (Breeds) a sheep that leads the herd, often bearing a bell
2. a leader, esp one followed unquestioningly


(ˈbɛlˌwɛð ər)

1. a person or thing that assumes leadership.
2. a person or thing that indicates a trend.
3. a sheep wearing a bell and leading a flock.
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Noun1.bellwether - someone who assumes leadership of a movement or activity
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
2.bellwether - sheep that leads the herd often wearing a bellbellwether - sheep that leads the herd often wearing a bell
wether - male sheep especially a castrated one


[ˈbɛlwɛðər] n (mainly US) (= indication) → indicateur m, baromètre m
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The upcoming bellwether trials are intended to give plaintiffs and their attorneys in the remaining number of cases a better idea as to how juries will respond to certain evidence and testimonies that will be recurring throughout all similar trials.
Formerly based in Memphis, Massey joined Bellwether late last year after spending several years at UBS Financial Services.
The replacement of over 200 lighting fixtures in the Bellwether parking garage highlights the benefits associated with energy efficiency upgrades.
The Uno case was selected as a bellwether by the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the JCCP.
We are opening the gates to the exciting world of binary option trading by creating an exceptional trading environment where anyone can trade binary options in a simple,convenient and efficient manner on any device," said Aidan Doyle, President & CEO of Bellwether Capital Management.
As Enterprise celebrates 30 years of innovation and leadership, we are pleased to announce strong results since Bellwether Enterprise's first day as a new organization," said Lamar Seats, CEO of Bellwether Enterprise.
And that's not the only growth that L'Ecuyer has overseen as CEO of Bellwether.
In layman's terms, bellwether trials are the first cases to be tried in a group of similar cases.
That drop was definitely felt at the Bellwether where business plunged, said Herzog, who is general manager at the hotel.
Favorite Job | Helping to turn around Bellwether Exploration.
In overnight trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the bellwether May contract for West Texas Intermediate crude oil ended regular-hours trading at a record $111.
Bellwether produces eight other journals, including "International Geology Review," "Physical Geography," "Urban Geography" and "GIScience & Remote Sensing.