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1. A band passed around the belly of an animal to secure something.
2. An encircling band for holding in a baby's protruding navel.


(Agriculture) a strap around the belly of a draught animal, holding the shafts of a vehicle


(ˈbɛl iˌbænd)

1. a band worn around the belly, as of a harnessed horse or of an infant to protect the navel.
2. a protective band around a package.


A part of horse harness. (See also Belly button band.)
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Noun1.bellyband - a cloth band that is worn around the waist (as on infants until the navel has healed)
band - a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs (especially to decorate the body)
2.Bellyband - a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagonbellyband - a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagon
fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
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Other bellyband options from Can Can Concealment are a bit more whimsical.
This offers two advantages--low erosion of the refractories at the bellyband area and repeatable dosing accuracy as the ceramic ladle seeks a fixed point at the dipwell.
Finally, juvenile Red-tailed Hawks share few plumage characters with the hybrid (Wheeler and Clark 1995, Clark and Wheeler 2001); we would not expect, for example, a hybrid Red-tailed Hawk x Swainson's Hawk juvenile to have the heavy, dark bellyband (Fig.
The iconic U by Kotex black logo stands out against the saturated colors and is accompanied by a black bellyband that wraps around the package, creating a ribbon, gift-like effect.
The Glock 42 utilizes a slim frame that's just short enough to make it great for concealment in a purse, a bellyband or on a patrolman's vest, yet you don't feel like you're grasping it with only two fingers.
Another handy thing to have along is an elastic bellyband holster; Gould & Goodrich makes a very nice one.
The round butt of a small revolver protrudes less in pocket, bellyband, or ankle holster than the squarer dimensions of a compact auto.
A bellyband or Thunder Wear holster or a butt pack may serve as placement for the revolver and cell phone.
For dress-up events, she wears a subcompact, eight-shot Kahr 9mm in a bellyband.