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Verb1.bellylaugh - laugh a deep, hearty laughbellylaugh - laugh a deep, hearty laugh    
express joy, express mirth, laugh - produce laughter
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Monster-in-Law (PG) J-Lo squares-up to mother-in-law from hell Jane Fonda in bellylaugh comedy.
And while it was designed with a Mancunian bellylaugh in mind, as with all sarcasm the amusement is based on fact rather than fiction.
The "Laughter Lunch" hosted by Lord Mayor, Coun Gerry Scott, at Liverpool Town Hall saw guests treated to delicacies such as rib-tickled beef and bellylaugh of pork.
It was early February in 1972 when the Mags, with a great FA Cup pedigree from the fifties, were kicked out of the competition by non-league Hereford but then, to a collective bellylaugh from a nation enjoying our discomfort, Newcastle destroyed Man U 2-0 on their own midden - and Tony thinks he can forecast results on the Pools Panel
The writing remains razor sharp, the acting spot-on and the comedy - because it's not just about far-fetched drama - bellylaugh funny.
Meet the Fockers (12A) Ben Stiller and uptight future father-in-law Robert De Niro in bellylaugh sequel with Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.
We can all have a good bellylaugh at that until we realise that it is our money that is being poured down the drain in vast quantities.
We bought it lock, stock and bellylaugh and, as a people, rendered Danny Boy impotent, ineffective and DOA when it came to a political future.
There are a number of bellylaugh moments and some delightfully realised scenes - the women at the hairdressers preparing for their big night out, the melee of a packed and pushy pub, the Dante's Inferno of the gents' loos.
Superlatives were tripping off journalists' tongues after the hourlong first episode which provides gut-churning trauma with bellylaugh humour in equal measure.
And while it's never likely to win any Oliviers and you may see some punchlines coming a mile off, more often than not they still raise a goodly chuckle if not a falling-off-your-chair bellylaugh.
25 HAVE A LAUGH SCIENTISTS from the University of Maryland found a really good bellylaugh improved blood flow by more than 20 per cent, reducing the risk of heart disease.