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below a ship's deck



within the hull of a vessel.
References in classic literature ?
Quickly she hastened to the cabin, which was half above and half below deck.
Below deck was a square cabin, of which the walls bulged out in the form of cots, above a circular divan; in the centre was a table provided with a swinging lamp.
The instrument itself is below deck, geared both to the steering apparatus and the control levers.
And so saying, he led the way below deck into the cabin.
Seven luxury guest cabins can take 14 guests, and there's space below decks for a crew of 21 to look after them.
He was carried below decks while the battle raged on, and lived long enough to hear of his fleet's victory after four hours of combat.
Navys SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific for the delivery of switchable Common Data Link (CDL) split Above and Below Decks radio systems to support sustainment of the AN/USQ-167 Common Data Link System (CDLS).
Most passengers were locked below decks and only 28 survived.
Nautical cartoonist Mike Peyton owned a boat before he owned a car and knows exactly how to capture the hilarious nuances of sailing, be it offshore, below decks, at anchor or even aground.
Here you can get refreshments from the galley and browse in the bookshop in the locker room below decks.
They went below decks as young lads with little experience, but they came back as men", recalls Divisional Officer Gerry March.
Rigging was secured, splinter nets were laid out, and anything flammable was stowed below decks.