below the belt

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a. A flexible band, as of leather or cloth, worn around the waist or over a shoulder to hold up clothing, secure tools or weapons, or serve as decoration.
b. Something resembling a belt, as a number of machine-gun rounds attached together in a strip.
2. An encircling route.
3. A seat belt or safety belt.
4. A continuous band or chain for transferring motion or power or conveying materials from one wheel or shaft to another.
5. A band of tough reinforcing material beneath the tread of a tire.
6. A usually bandlike geographic region that is distinctive in a specific respect. Often used in combination: "This is America's rural poverty belt" (Charles Kuralt).
7. A powerful blow; a wallop.
8. A drink of hard liquor.
tr.v. belt·ed, belt·ing, belts
1. To equip, hold up, or attach with a belt: belted my trousers; belted the sword to her waist.
2. To encircle or mark in the manner of a belt: The equator belts the earth.
3. To beat with a belt or strap.
4. To strike forcefully; hit.
5. To sing in a loud and forceful manner: belt out a song.
6. To swig (an alcoholic beverage).
below the belt
Not according to the rules; unfairly.
tighten (one's) belt
To begin to exercise thrift and frugality.
under (one's) belt
In one's possession or experience: "By his mid-teens, Liszt had three years of intensive concertizing under his belt" (Musical Heritage Review).

[Middle English, from Old English, ultimately from Latin balteus.]

below the belt

Foul punch below the waistline, especially in the groin area.
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Adj.1.below the belt - disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing); "her accusations were below the belt"
boxing, pugilism, fisticuffs - fighting with the fists
unfair, unjust - not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception; "used unfair methods"; "it was an unfair trial"; "took an unfair advantage"
Adv.1.below the belt - in an unfair mannerbelow the belt - in an unfair manner; "they dealt with him unfairly"; "their accusations hit below the belt"
References in classic literature ?
One afternoon, after twenty minutes of desperate efforts to annihilate each other according to set rules that did not permit kicking, striking below the belt, nor hitting when one was down, Cheese-Face, panting for breath and reeling, offered to call it quits.
Put yourself in my place; feel as mean as I did, as ashamed as I felt -- wouldn't YOU have struck below the belt to get even?
Below The Belt is a fine mix of heavy-duty riffage and melodic moments often missing in his earlier work.
We're excited to jump start this year's events in Brooklyn at the West Indian American Labor Day Carnival Parade, where we'll be able to spread essential health information on below the belt cancers to a highly international and diverse audience of thousands of parade onlookers," said Dr.
Yet another telling off for a punch below the belt came Arthur'sway in the eighth and as the ninth round came his fitness at super-bantamweight was beginning to be tested.
I don't think it would destroy us as a nation, but it would certainly be a kick below the belt, there is no doubt about that," said McLeish.
But the voices he brings to life so vividly seem removed from a world where racist juvenile and criminal justice systems are locking up supposedly hung Black men at astonishing rates even as society debates how they measure up below the belt.
But his latest piece of Pom-bashing is as below the belt as a strike from a Springbok second row.
Other successes include the Below The Belt mix of fledgling Flesh For Fantasy and the manic Mother Of Mercy take on To Be A Lover.
These pins, which previously descended from a gantry above the line, now rise from the below the belt, giving easier access to the line and improved levels of hygiene.
You cannot, for example, punch someone below the belt or bite someone's ear, as Mike Tyson did to Evander Holyfield.