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1. In or to a lower place; beneath.
a. On or to a lower floor; downstairs.
b. Nautical On or to a lower deck.
3. In a later part of a given text: figures quoted below.
4. Farther down, as along a slope or valley.
5. In or to hell or Hades.
6. On the earth.
a. In a lower rank or class.
b. Below zero in temperature: 40° below.
1. Underneath; beneath.
2. Lower than, as on a graduated scale.
3. Downstream of: launched the canoe just below the bridge.
4. South of: Guatemala is below Mexico.
5. Unsuitable to the rank or dignity of: Such petty behavior is below me.

[Middle English bilooghe : bi, by; see by1 + loghe, low; see low1.]


1. at or to a position lower than; under
2. less than in quantity or degree
3. south of
4. downstream of
5. unworthy of; beneath
6. at or to a lower position or place
7. at a later place (in something written): see below.
8. archaic beneath heaven; on earth or in hell
[C14: bilooghe, from bi by + looghe low1]



1. in or toward a lower place: Look out below!
2. on, in, or toward a lower deck or floor.
3. beneath the surface of the water.
4. on earth: the fate of creatures here below.
5. in hell or the infernal regions.
6. at a later point on a page or in a text: See the illustration below. Compare above (def. 6).
7. in a lower rank or grade: a class below.
8. under zero on the temperature scale.
9. downstage. Compare above (def. 10).
10. Zool. on the lower or ventral side.
11. beneath the surface of the water.
12. lower down than: below the knee.
13. lower in rank, degree, amount, rate, etc.: below cost.
14. too undignified to be worthy of; beneath.
15. downstage of.
16. downstream or south of.
[1275–1325; Middle English bilooghe]


1. 'under'

Under is almost always a preposition. You use under to say that one thing is at a lower level than another, and that the other thing is directly above it. For example, you might say that an object on the floor is under a table or chair.

There's a cupboard under the stairs.
A path runs under the trees.
2. 'underneath'

Underneath can be a preposition with a similar meaning to under.

We sat at a table underneath some olive trees.

Underneath can also be an adverb.

Let's pull up the carpet and see what's underneath.
3. 'below'

Below can be a preposition. You normally use it to say that one thing is at a much lower level than another.

There's a tunnel 100 metres below the surface.

Below can also be an adverb.

They stood at the top of the mountain and looked at the valley below.
4. 'beneath'

Beneath can be a preposition with a similar meaning to under or below. Beneath is more formal.

He could feel the soft ground beneath his feet.

Beneath can also be an adverb.

He stared out of the window at the courtyard beneath.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adv.1.below - in or to a place that is lowerbelow - in or to a place that is lower  
higher up, in a higher place, to a higher place, above - in or to a place that is higher
2.below - at a later place; "see below"
above, supra - at an earlier place; "see above"
3.below - (in writing) see below; "vide infra"
4.below - on a floor belowbelow - on a floor below; "the tenants live downstairs"
5.below - further down; "see under for further discussion"


1. under, beneath, underneath, lower than The boat dipped below the surface of the water.
2. less than, under, lower than, smaller than, not as much as Night temperatures can drop below 15 degrees Celsius.
3. subordinate to, under, subject to, inferior to, subservient to, lesser than white-collar staff below chief officer level
1. lower, down, under, beneath, underneath, downstairs, further down, at a lower level Spread out below was a huge crowd.
2. beneath, following, at the end, underneath, at the bottom, further on Please write to me at the address below.
إلى أسْفَلتَحْتتـَحْتَ
fyrir neîanfyrir neîan, undir
...보다 아래에아래쪽에
ở dưới


When below is an element in a phrasal verb, eg go below, look up the verb.
1. (= under) → debajo de, bajo
below the beddebajo de la cama, bajo la cama
the room below this is my studyla habitación que está debajo de ésta es mi estudio
her skirt reaches well below her kneesla falda le llega muy por debajo de las rodillas
their readership has dropped to below 18,000el número de lectores que tenían ha descendido por debajo de los 18.000
to be below sb in rankser inferior a algn en rango
below averageinferior al promedio, inferior a or por debajo de la media
below freezing (point)bajo cero
five degrees below zerocinco grados bajo cero
below (the) groundbajo tierra
temperatures below normaltemperaturas inferiores a las normales
below sea levelpor debajo del nivel del mar
below the surfacepor debajo de la superficie, bajo la superficie
below zero = below freezing (point)
2. (Geog) (= downstream of) → más abajo de
the Thames below Oxfordel Támesis más abajo de Oxford
1. (= beneath) → abajo
below, we could see the valleyabajo podíamos ver el valle
the flat belowel piso de abajo
they live two floors belowviven dos pisos más abajo
decisions occur at departmental level or belowlas decisiones se toman a nivel de departamento o a un nivel inferior
her name was written belowsu nombre estaba escrito debajo
it was five (degrees) belowhacía cinco grados bajo cero
down belowabajo
far belowmucho más abajo
from belowdesde abajo
here below (lit) → aquí abajo; (= not in sky) → aquí en la tierra; (= in this life) → en este mundo
immediately belowjustamente debajo
2. (in document) see belowvéase más abajo
as stated belowcomo se indica más abajo
3. (Naut) (also below deck) → abajo
to go belowbajar


(= under) → au-dessous de
below the castle → au-dessous du château
below sea level → au-dessous du niveau de la mer
below the horizon
The sun dipped below the horizon → Le soleil a plongé derrière l'horizon.
below ground (= in the ground) → sous le sol
(= less than) [+ normal] → inférieur(e) à
temperatures below normal → températures inférieures à la normale
below zero → au-dessous de zéro
10 degrees below freezing → moins dix degrés
below average → inférieur(e) à la moyenne, en dessous de la moyenne
The quality is below average
BUT La qualité est inférieure.
(= underneath) → en dessous (= beneath) (window, summit)en bas
on the floor below → à l'étage en dessous
We looked out of the window at the scene below → Nous avons regardé par la fenêtre ce qu'il se passait en bas.
the ground below (beneath a plane)le sol
He fell 25ft to the ground below
BUT Il a fait une chute de 8 mètres.
(= lower) (on page) see below → voir plus bas, voir plus loin, voir ci-dessous
the address below → l'adresse ci-dessous
(= less)
pupils who get scores of 30% or below → les élèves ayant des résultats inférieurs ou égaux à 30 %
temperatures at zero or below → des températures inférieures ou égales à zérobelow-the-belt [bɪˌləʊðəˈbɛlt] adj (= unfair) [tactics] → déloyal(e)
see also beltbelow-the-line promotion [bɪˈləʊðəlaɪn] n (BUSINESS)hors-média m


(= under)unterhalb (+gen); (with line, level etc also) → unter (+dat or with motion +acc); on it and below itdarauf und darunter; her skirt comes well below her knees or the kneeihr Rock geht bis weit unters Knie; Naples is below Rome (on the map) → Neapel liegt unterhalb Roms; the sun disappeared below the horizondie Sonne verschwand hinter dem Horizont; to be below somebody (in rank) → (rangmäßig) unter jdm stehen
(= downstream from)unterhalb (+gen), → nach
(= unworthy of) or is that below you?oder ist das unter Ihrer Würde?
(= lower down)unten; the cows in the valley belowdie Kühe drunten im Tal; they live one floor belowsie wohnen ein Stockwerk tiefer; the tenants/apartment belowdie Mieter/die Wohnung darunter; (below us) → die Mieter/Wohnung unter uns; write the name here with the address belowschreiben Sie den Namen hierher und die Adresse darunter; in the class belowin der Klasse darunter; (below me) → in der Klasse unter mir; what’s the next rank below?was ist der nächstniedere Rang?; down belowunten
(Naut) → unter Deck; to go belowunter Deck gehen
(in documents) → (weiter) unten; see belowsiehe unten
15 degrees below15 Grad unter null, 15 Grad minus
here below (= on earth)hier unten; and on earth below (Bibl) → und unten auf der Erde; down below (= in hell)dort drunten


1. prepsotto, al di sotto di
temperatures below normal → temperature al di sotto del normale
they live in the flat below us → abitano nell'appartamento sotto al nostro
2. advsotto, di sotto
the mountains below → le montagne sottostanti
the flat below → l'appartamento al piano di sotto
see below (on page) → vedi sotto or oltre


(bəˈləu) preposition
lower in position, rank, standard etc than. She hurt her leg below the knee; His work is below standard.
in a lower place. We looked at the houses (down) below.


تـَحْتَ dole, pod nedenfor, under unten, unter κάτω, κάτω από abajo, debajo de alapuolella, alla en dessous, sous dolje, ispod sotto ・・・より下に, 下に ...보다 아래에, 아래쪽에 eronder, onder nedenfor, under pod (czymś), poniżej abaixo, abaixo de, debaixo de внизу, под nedanför อยู่ข้างล่าง, อยู่ตอนใต้ altında ở dưới 在...下面, 在下面


prep. después de, debajo de;
adv. abajo, bajo, debajo;
down ___en la parte; más abajo;


adv abajo; prep por debajo de; (number) inferior a, por debajo de; below the waist..por debajo de la cintura; below 200..inferior a 200..por debajo de 200
References in classic literature ?
We went down a flight of fifteen steps below the ground level, and stood in a small chapel tricked out with tapestry hangings, silver lamps, and oil paintings.
You would think there was not a single tusk left either above or below the ground in the whole country.
And his dungeon was hot and musty; it smelt of gas and mushrooms, and seemed to be somewhere 120 feet below the ground.
The station was eight meter below the ground level and spread over an area of 22 kanals.
Approximately 10 meters below the ground, The building is slanted obliquely over the entire length of the structure through 2 subway tunnels.
Helen Magherafelt are the fruit of fungi living below the ground.
Helen Magherafelt Co Derry Hi Helen Toadstools are the fruit of fungi living below the ground.
Committee Chairman, Senator Talha Mehmood said that Islamabad had many buildings and their basement was built 80 feet below the ground in the plazas which might be caused of several deaths in emergency.
2010: The Copiapo mining accident trapped 33 Chilean miners approximately 2,300ft below the ground.
A Filipino can serve the country more when he is alive than when he is six feet below the ground.
THIS abandoned slate mine 50ft below the ground is to open to the public.
ZONGULDAK (CyHAN)- Mineworkers, who entered the New Year hundreds of meters below the ground, commemorated their colleagues, who were killed as a result mine accident in 2015, in the northern province of Zonguldak's Gelik town.