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Adj.1.belt-fed - using belted ammunition
belted - having or provided with a belt; "a belted dress"
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The very zenith of this concept must certainly be a belt-fed, semiautomaticonly machine gun, such as the interesting RPDS (RPD Semiautomatic) recently introduced by Dave Selvaggio of DSA, Inc.
He plans to add another belt-fed machine gun to the rental fleet this year, likely an M249 SAW.
What fun is a belt-fed that shoots only one round for each trigger pull?
Key Technology expands its VERYX family of digital sorters with the introduction of the VERYX B140, a medium-capacity belt-fed sorter.
In the American WWII infantry, a machine gun was typically crew-served, belt-fed, and tripod-mounted (or vehicle-mounted).
Leaders from Uganda and Gabon also joined the summit to outline their efforts to curb illegal hunting by poachers, who in some regions have in the past used belt-fed machine guns to mow down dozens of animals at a time.
The belt-fed Estasi machine by Milani "brushes" berries off stems by coupling the forward motion of the belt with a "transverse oscillating screen.
The semiauto MCX uses a belt-fed pellet magazine capable of shooting 30 pellets in 3.
Belt-fed and selective fire with a rate of fire on fully automatic of about 900 rounds per minute, the MG34 became the center of gravity for the infantry rifle squad.
Browning's next step, in 1890, was to develop what he called his "Apparatus," which would become the prototype of the world's first gas-operated, belt-fed machine gun.
Be it a vintage MG34 belt-fed machinegun, Georg Luger's inspired P08 Parabellum pistol, or the revolutionary StG44 Storm Gun, German gunmanship is the stuff of legend.