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(bĕlt′ tīt′n-ĭng)
Increased thrift and frugality; a reduction in spending.


a curtailment in spending.
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But sometimes, belt-tightening at the state level translates into trickle-down costs for local governments.
Summary: US home prices accelerated by the most in nearly seven years in March while consumer confidence surged in May, suggesting there were areas of resilience for an economy that is facing the pinch of belt-tightening in Washington.
Summary: Lisbon: Portugal's constitutional court on Friday rejected several aspects of the country's belt-tightening budget .
Without any quantitative guidance from the DOE on belt-tightening, there was speculation that it might be 1% or perhaps even as much as a 5% budget reduction for a few years.
WE have heard a lot from this government about the need for cuts, pay freezes and all-round belt-tightening.
We need to remember in these days of belt-tightening that there are people working hard representing our nation.
And today we bring you a particularly ludicrous example of belt-tightening which has landed Wrexham in a mess entirely of its own making.
He added: "There will have to be belt-tightening in government, just as there has in every household and every business across the country.
Some CIOs say belt-tightening in 2009 has left them in a better position.
Its Green Budget said ministers should be "somewhat more ambitious" and aim for belt-tightening amounting to pounds 70bn, or 5% of income, in the five years to 2015/16 to reassure international investors of the determination to tackle the deficit.
CHILDREN'S Secretary Ed Balls was calling today for schools to save money through a series of belt-tightening measures.
As it had previously announced, BAE Systems will be laying off roughly 125 people in southern New Hampshire as part of a belt-tightening plan.