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(bĕlt′ tīt′n-ĭng)
Increased thrift and frugality; a reduction in spending.


a curtailment in spending.
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Speaking at a National Assembly session addressing the feasibility of approving the budgets of a number of government ministries and agencies, Al-Saleh said the workers should not worry about some economizing and belt-tightening measures taken by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation since these measures have been effectuated in view of lagging earnings.
But sometimes, belt-tightening at the state level translates into trickle-down costs for local governments.
Summary: US home prices accelerated by the most in nearly seven years in March while consumer confidence surged in May, suggesting there were areas of resilience for an economy that is facing the pinch of belt-tightening in Washington.
Summary: Lisbon: Portugal's constitutional court on Friday rejected several aspects of the country's belt-tightening budget .
Without any quantitative guidance from the DOE on belt-tightening, there was speculation that it might be 1% or perhaps even as much as a 5% budget reduction for a few years.
WE have heard a lot from this government about the need for cuts, pay freezes and all-round belt-tightening.
We need to remember in these days of belt-tightening that there are people working hard representing our nation.
And today we bring you a particularly ludicrous example of belt-tightening which has landed Wrexham in a mess entirely of its own making.
More belt-tightening is expected as the heavily-indebted country continues to dig out of its debt crisis in hopes of eventually normalising borrowing costs which became prohibitive after last year's fiscal derailment and hurt the euro.
Department of Defense is going through a round of belt-tightening measures, in what is widely viewed as a prelude to a new era of flat or even declining overall defense budgets.
HALF of us believe Britain should cut back on spending on foreign aid projects, and at this time of economic belt-tightening it's easy to see why.
The huge size of the deficit projected for 2011 - currently forecast at pounds 163bn in April's Budget - was "striking"in contrast with the increased belt-tightening efforts of other European nations, it added.