or be·med·alled  (bĭ-mĕd′ld)
Decorated with or wearing medals.


(bɪˈmɛd ld)

adorned with many medals.
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When President Duterte announced a pay hike for all policemen starting next year, PO3 Wilfredo Gueta, a bemedaled member of the Pasig City police, was excited.
I wanted to come back and finish my career how I wanted and this was the cherry on top of the cake," the bemedaled athlete said.
The resolution said Martinez "is the most bemedaled Filipino skater having won a total of 189 medals (143 gold medals, 28 silver and 18 bronze/pewter medals).
One after another they surface: bemedaled generals coming out of well-pensioned retirements to salute themselves for their military careers of duty-honor-country-valor.
Against all common sense and moral propriety, the bemedaled flag officers of the Pentagon put women on the front lines and turned the military into a social-services agency.
Not the President, nor Congress, nor the bemedaled pit-bulls staffing the Pentagon.
There are few more cravenly disloyal spectacles in US military history than this bemedaled American general prostrating himself for the Zionist lobby.
The headman, Lapong Bala, wears a chawat [loincloth], bemedaled penghulu-type shirt, and a lovely orangish bearskin (?
Leaders come, leaders go; but the late Arafat always remained--recalcitrant in his 1960s headdress and holster, his former Marxist rhetoric superseded by trendy public allegiance to Islamic fundamentalism, and resplendent in the bemedaled uniform of a general without either an army or a single victory.
A pregnant, semi-literate young woman is now the scapegoat for a bunch of bemedaled, suddenly camera-shy, D.
One searches desperately through the work of a poet who has been bemedaled and belaureled many times for a single poem worthy of the name.
Landscape architects list new de-paving designs, brownfields reclamations and regional projects a la McHarg, himself bemedaled by his profession last year.