bench clamp

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Noun1.bench clamp - a clamp used to hold work in place on a workbenchbench clamp - a clamp used to hold work in place on a workbench
clamp, clinch - a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together
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Tenders are invited for Axels, Motors w/controller, Balsa Beams, Battery Clips, Blades, Brushes, Clamps, CO2 Cartridges, Wood Finish, Dial Calipers, Dowels, Drills, Graphite, Fischertechnik, Safety Glasses, Glue, Glue Guns, Hearing Protectors, Bench Clamp, LED, Switches, Magnets, Plastic Wood Dough, Racing Wheels, Rulers, Sand Paper, Sanding Belts and Discs, Shop Coat, Soldering, Wire, Resistors.
The torque arm, which mounts easily to bench tops via bolts or an optional bench clamp (eliminating hole drilling), can accommodate both inline pneumatic and inline electric drivers with maximum weights of 15 lbs.
With products such as bench clamps, saw guides for circular saws and mitre saws, as well as dowel pins and plugs and jig systems there is a lot in this Kreg range for woodworkers to dig their teeth into.