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1. In a lower place; below.
2. Underneath.
a. Lower than; below: a drawer beneath a cabinet.
b. To or into a lower position than: moved the picture beneath the light.
2. Covered or concealed by: The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow.
3. Under the force, control, or influence of.
a. Lower than, as in rank or station.
b. Unworthy of; unbefitting: It was beneath me to beg.

[Middle English binethe, from Old English beneothan : be, by; see by1 + neothan, below.]


1. below, esp if covered, protected, or obscured by
2. not as great or good as would be demanded by: beneath his dignity.
below; underneath
[Old English beneothan, from be- + neothan low; see nether]


(bɪˈniθ, -ˈnið)

1. in or to a lower position; below.
2. underneath.
3. below; under: beneath the same roof.
4. farther down than: The drawer beneath the top one.
5. lower down on a slope than: beneath the crest of a hill.
6. less important than; inferior to, as in rank or power: A captain is beneath a major.
7. below the level or dignity of: behavior beneath contempt.
[before 900; Middle English benethe, Old English beneothan <be- be- + neothan below]


1. 'under'

Under is almost always a preposition. You use under to say that one thing is at a lower level than another, and that the other thing is directly above it. For example, you might say that an object on the floor is under a table or chair.

There's a cupboard under the stairs.
A path runs under the trees.
2. 'underneath'

Underneath can be a preposition with a similar meaning to under.

We sat at a table underneath some olive trees.

Underneath can also be an adverb.

Let's pull up the carpet and see what's underneath.
3. 'below'

Below can be a preposition. You normally use it to say that one thing is at a much lower level than another.

There's a tunnel 100 metres below the surface.

Below can also be an adverb.

They stood at the top of the mountain and looked at the valley below.
4. 'beneath'

Beneath can be a preposition with a similar meaning to under or below. Beneath is more formal.

He could feel the soft ground beneath his feet.

Beneath can also be an adverb.

He stared out of the window at the courtyard beneath.
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Adv.1.beneath - in or to a place that is lowerbeneath - in or to a place that is lower  


1. under, below, underneath, lower than She found pleasure in sitting beneath the trees.
under over, above, upon, on top of, higher than, atop
2. inferior to, below, secondary to, not good enough for, lower in status than, not as important as She decided he was beneath her.
3. unworthy of, unfitting for, unsuitable for, inappropriate for, unbefitting Many find themselves having to take jobs far beneath them.
1. underneath, below, further down, in a lower place On a shelf beneath he spotted a photo album.
Related words
prefix sub-
أَدْنى مِن، غَيْر جَديرتَحْتتـَحْتَتَحْت، إلى أسْفَل
fyrir neîanfyrir neîan virîinguundir, fyrir neîan
...의 밑에
altındaalttalâyık değilyakışmazaltına
ở dưới


1. (= below) → debajo de, bajo
2. (fig) → inferior a, por debajo de
it would be beneath him to do such a thinghacer tal cosa sería indigno de él
she married beneath herse casó con un hombre de clase inferior
beneath contemptdespreciable
B. ADVabajo, debajo


(= under) → sous
(= unworthy of) → indigne de
beneath him → indigne de lui
Many find themselves having to take jobs far beneath them → Beaucoup se voient obligés d'accepter des emplois indignes d'eux.
to marry beneath one
They decided she was marrying beneath her
BUT Ils décidèrent que ce mariage était une mésalliance.


unter (+dat or with motion +acc); (with line, level etc also) → unterhalb (+gen); to marry beneath oneunter seinem Stand heiraten ? also below PREP a
(= unworthy of) it is beneath himdas ist unter seiner Würde; he regarded the critics as beneath his noticeer fand es unter seiner Würde, von den Kritikern überhaupt Notiz zu nehmen
advunten ? also below ADV a


1. prepsotto, al di sotto di; (unworthy of) → indegno/a di
it is beneath my notice → non è degno della mia attenzione
it is beneath him to do such a thing → non si degnerebbe mai di fare una cosa del genere
2. advsotto, di sotto
the flat beneath → l'appartamento al piano di sotto


(biˈniːθ) preposition
1. in a lower position than; under; below. beneath the floorboards; beneath her coat.
2. not worthy of. It is beneath my dignity to do that.
below or underneath. They watched the boat breaking up on the rocks beneath.


تـَحْتَ pod under unter κάτω από bajo alapuolella sous ispod sotto ・・・の下に ...의 밑에 onder (neden)under poniżej debaixo под under ข้างล่าง altında ở dưới 在...之下


prep., adv. abajo, debajo, bajo.
References in classic literature ?
Give me, for I need it sorely, Of that courage, wise and sweet, Which has made the path of duty Green beneath your willing feet.
In crowds the young men came to gather about the feet of an old man who sat beneath a tree in a tiny garden and who talked to them.
I saw your name on the register," he proceeded, "and it was not difficult to guess your mission," and he flashed a smile on the party, his white teeth showing brilliantly beneath his small, black moustache.
We were talking about what it is like to spend one's childhood in little towns like these, buried in wheat and corn, under stimulating extremes of climate: burning summers when the world lies green and billowy beneath a brilliant sky, when one is fairly stifled in vegetation, in the color and smell of strong weeds and heavy harvests; blustery winters with little snow, when the whole country is stripped bare and gray as sheet-iron.
From beneath the flap of an enormous pocket of a soiled vest of embossed silk, heavily ornamented with tarnished silver lace, projected an instrument, which, from being seen in such martial company, might have been easily mistaken for some mischievous and unknown implement of war.
His eyes also were bound round with a band of leather, as though to hide something from their gaze, one foot was gone, one hung over the edge of the niche towards the floor, and beneath it on the floor, red with rust, lay the blade of a broken spear.
A little shiver of anticipation tingled his spine, and then, quite without volition, he found himself gazing into the loving eyes of his mother and the strong face of the father which mirrored, beneath its masculine strength, a love no less than the mother's eyes proclaimed.
The apartment destined for the purpose was spacious and lighted by a number of windows, over each of which was written in golden letters for some inexplicable reason the name of one of the principal cities of France; beneath these windows a wooden balcony extended the entire length of the house.
DOWN in the deep blue sea lived Ripple, a happy little Water-Spirit; all day long she danced beneath the coral arches, made garlands of bright ocean flowers, or floated on the great waves that sparkled in the sunlight; but the pastime that she loved best was lying in the many-colored shells upon the shore, listening to the low, murmuring music the waves had taught them long ago; and here for hours the little Spirit lay watching the sea and sky, while singing gayly to herself.
While the coachman and a servant were replacing the wheel, the lady and gentleman sheltered themselves beneath the maple-trees, and there espied the bubbling fountain, and David Swan asleep beside it.
It had a richly ornamented portico supported by tall pillars, beneath which was a lofty door, studded with silver knobs, and made of a kind of variegated wood that had been brought from beyond the sea.
On arriving towards the end of the second stage in this vertical journey, and shaking the long roots which were round me, to my consternation they snapped off one after another like so many pipe stems, and fell in fragments against the side of the gulf, splashing at last into the waters beneath.