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Noun1.benefit album - concept album compiling a performer's work or work supporting some worthy causebenefit album - concept album compiling a performer's work or work supporting some worthy cause
concept album - an album whose recordings are unified by some theme (instrumental or lyrical or narrative or compositional)
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Since then, she has repeatedly used her music as a force for positive change: Among other things, she has given free concerts for inner city children, worked with homeless musicians on a benefit album and documentary film, and served as the director/producer of a concert film to benefit victims of domestic violence.
In 1984-5 they collaborated with striking miners and activists on their Fuel to Fight tour and also recorded a benefit album called Shoulder to Shoulder with the South Wales Striking Miners' Choir.
Some of their other recorded material can nowadays be found on compilations such as 'The Chiswick Story - Adventures of an Independent Record Label 1975-1982' and 'Don't Let the Hope Close Down', a benefit album for the famous London music pub venue The Hope and Anchor not to be confused with the one that once stood at the ring road end of our own Whitefriars Street.
l y e No Surrender was even the title of a National Front benefit album that features tracks called Britain for the British and We are White Noise.
The Johnny Dickinson Benefit album is now on sale online for pounds 5 and Dave, who runs an artist management company, has been touched by the interest from people all over the world.
It all came about when I recorded a song for Brave Bar None, which is a benefit album for all the troops out there in the world, putting their lives on the line fighting for us," she explains.
More than$ 3,000,000 Amount raised in less than a week by Hope for Haiti Now, a benefit album that includes Beyonce's song "Halo.
Global Lingo is a benefit album, intended to not only to raise funds but also help young people of the world connect through the universal power of music.
Music at the Hub was from the teenage prodigies SHOEBOX, featured on Uncovered Tracks, the local unsigned acts benefit album for Zoe's Place.
Last year the group covered John Lennon's Isolation for an Amnesty International benefit album and Gary also contributed a song for The Cake Sale album, which benefited Oxfam Ireland.
VARIOUS ARTISTS: ``Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album for the Gulf Coast'' (Nonesuch) - Four stars