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 (bĕn′ĭ-zən, -sən)
A blessing; a benediction.

[Middle English, from Old French beneison, from Latin benedictiō, benedictiōn-, praising; see benediction.]


(ˈbɛnɪzən; -sən)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) archaic a blessing, esp a spoken one
[C13: from Old French beneison, from Latin benedictiō benediction]


(ˌbɛn ɪˈdɪk ʃən)

1. an utterance of good wishes.
2. the invocation of a blessing, esp. the short blessing closing a religious service.
3. (usu. cap.) a Roman or Anglo-Catholic service that includes a blessing of the congregation with the Host in the monstrance.
4. something that imparts a benefit.
[1400–50; late Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin benedictiō]
ben•e•dic•to•ry (ˌbɛn ɪˈdɪk tə ri) adj.
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Noun1.benison - a spoken blessingbenison - a spoken blessing      
benediction, blessing - a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
References in classic literature ?
Good-night, and Our Lady's benison,'' said the Palmer, with composure; and his guide moved forward.
I wouldn't have missed Dot, doing the honours in her wedding-gown, my benison on her bright face
Now blow out the trumpets, and may God's benison be with the honest men
Local contact: Alyson Benison (954) 817-6351 alygail@bellsouth.
Ryhope secretary Dougie Benison said: "We have plans in place to meet the criteria but also to improve the officials' accommodation and extend the dressing rooms.
We have worked hard to develop a distributed delivery framework which effectively enables the team to work as an integrated whole, whether the consultants are on-site with the client, in one of our specialist centres of excellence in a near-shore location or in our delivery centre in Mumbai in India," says Capgemini's Benison.
I am benison, it sang; others may take heed or go back to their status as prisoners.
The Beggar's Benison Gentlemen's Club - which only accepted men from the top drawer of society - took part in bizarre initiation rituals, read dirty books and watched local girls dancing naked.
The simmering problems came to a head July 22, when Alberto Benison was forced to resign as economy minister after the Partido Nacional, the ally of the governing Partido Colorado, withdrew its support of Benison.
We've had a lot of people coming in because of the Runnion incident,'' said Ed Benison, a volunteer who helps visitors to the station check the database.
Anne Benison, 64, of Forest Drive, Ormesby, Middlesbrough, banned from driving for one year and fined PS120 with PS170 charges and PS85 costs for drinkdriving.
Ashington vicar Rev Philip Benison said: "Jack would never understand why people hero-worshipped him; he was staggered when Cardinal Hume wanted his autograph when they were made Freemen of the Newcastle.