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We were sorry for her situation so we bent over backwards to give her a credit note, which we would not normally do.
Like hubby David, who posed for the Italian designer a year ago, the mum-of-three bent over backwards to look good, running nine miles a day for six months.
BB bosses have bent over backwards to keep wildcat Charley in the show - and it's easy to believe they'll pull similar stunts to hang on to red-hot eviction favourite Billi.
Liverpool city council has bent over backwards for LFC but has not helped us in any way at all, Knowsley council has stepped in and given us this fantastic opportunity.
Sumaidaie said: In the early days, the secretariat bent over backwards to please the Saddam regime.
Our crawler team feels that the ME Global employees bent over backwards to meet all the challenges and rigorous requirements that are a fact of life in the space industry," said Yates.
David (Moyes)has bent over backwards to help us and the gesture to assist a local club in this way should not be forgotten.
With these two articles in hand, I can show Republican leaders and followers alike exactly what happened to Rome when it bent over backwards to please the people, and I can then ask them if that is what they want for us.
Earlier that over Pakistan umpire Aleem Dar bent over backwards to preserve himself as a tracer-bullet of a straight drive fizzed past at head height on its way to the boundary.
AN engineer has bent over backwards to invent an aid that relieves back pain.
I've been everywhere, and the people here in Szczecin have bent over backwards to help us.
SNP member of the Scottish parliament Richard Lochhead said: "Our fishing communities will be utterly desperate and furious, given that the Scottish industry, which has bent over backwards to conserve fish stocks, has nevertheless taken the biggest hit tonight.