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A carcinogenic yellowish, white, or reddish-gray crystalline powder, C12H12 N2, that is a derivative of biphenyl, is used in dyes, and is used to detect blood stains and cyanide.


(ˈbɛnzɪˌdiːn; -dɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) a grey or reddish poisonous crystalline powder that is used mainly in the manufacture of dyes, esp Congo red. Formula: NH2(C6H4)2NH2


(ˈbɛn zɪˌdin, -dɪn)

a crystalline base, C12H12N2, used in the synthesis of azo dyes, esp. Congo red.
[1875–80; benz- + -idine]
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and Chinese scientists monitoring workers handling one such compound, benzidine, now report that two unconventional urine tests can often reveal who is developing bladder cancer long before tumors appear.
In many industries, consumers and workers are routinely exposed to health risks associated with radiation, cigarette smoking, diethylstilbestrol (DES), asbestos, saccharin, dioxin, vinyl chloride, beta-napthylamine, benzidine, coke-oven emissions, and various occupational carcinogens arising from the use of basic materials such as pesticides, petroleum, coal, paraffin, iron ore, nickel, and chromium.
These 10 most reported carcinogens were arsenic, arsenic trioxide, asbestos, benzene, benzidine, lead chromate, sodium arsenate, sodium arsenite, sodium dichromate, and vinyl chloride (3,4).
Glocknitzer also explained the new law in Germany for dyed leather goods, which inhibits use of benzidine dyes in leather processing from 1st January 1995.
asbestos, pesticides, benzidine dyes) and heavy metal processing (e.
A recent example from our laboratories is the polyimide from 2,2'-bis(trifluoromethoxy) benzidine and pyromellitic dianhydride.
Another survey found that highly toxic asbestos tile and benzidine dye manufacturing facilities had relocated to Mexico and Romania, respectively, in order to escape stringent environmental regulation.
EPA has investigated safer dyes and colorants as alternatives to benzidine as part of its Safer Chemical Ingredients List and Design for the Environment program.
The color reaction with tetramethyl benzidine was quantified at 450 nm in a plate reader (Microplate Reader Model 680, Bio-Rad Laboratories, UK).
Membranes were washed with PBS/Tween-20 and the immune reaction was visualized by the colour reaction developed in 1x PBS containing diamino benzidine (DAB) [1mg/ml (w/v)] (Sigma) and 0.
The investigators reported an increased mortality among workers engaged in benzidine manufacture (SMR = 63.