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 (bĕn′zēn′, bĕn-zēn′) also ben·zin (bĕn′zĭn)


(ˈbɛnziːn; bɛnˈziːn) or


(Chemistry) a volatile mixture of the lighter aliphatic hydrocarbon constituents of petroleum. See ligroin, petroleum ether


(ˈbɛn zin, bɛnˈzin)

also ben•zin

(ˈbɛn zɪn)

a colorless liquid mixture of various hydrocarbons obtained in the distillation of petroleum: used in cleaning and dyeing.
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Noun1.benzine - a colorless liquid hydrocarbon; highly inflammable; carcinogenic; the simplest of the aromatic compounds
aromatic hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds
benzene formula, benzene nucleus, benzene ring, Kekule formula - a closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached


[ˈbenziːn] Nbencina f


nLeichtbenzin nt
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Angrily] By the way: my dressing-gown smells most damnably of benzine.
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I ntervenant l'une et l'autre sur la scene intellectuelle et mediatique francaise et sur des problematiques assez semblables, Delphine Horvilleur et Rachid Benzine, qui partagent les memes soucis d'un monde qui menace toujours de s'eclater, se rencontrent dans un dialogue interreligieux.
The film Benzine will participate in the feature film competition with 8 other films from Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and South Africa.
Additionally, cleaning is usually performed with costly compressed air or brushes and a low flashpoint solvent such as benzine, although virtually every company that manufactures machined parts is equipped with a cleaning machine.
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Aliuminio-magnio lydiniui dylant, benzine isdilimo takelio pavirsiuje matoma istrupu, nuolauzu, negiliu grioveliu ir oksidines pleveles fragmentu (3 pav.
Toujours a propos de la gauche, Sid-Ali Sekhri a evoque des ouvrages publies par les communistes algeriens notamment Si Abdelhamid Benzine, paru apres l'independance.
Her competition Sunday included Toronto-based journalist Adam Benzine who was up for his short film Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah.
It required author/director Adam Benzine and me to do everything from administration to complex negotiation.
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