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 (bĕn′zēn′, bĕn-zēn′) also ben·zin (bĕn′zĭn)


(ˈbɛnziːn; bɛnˈziːn) or


(Chemistry) a volatile mixture of the lighter aliphatic hydrocarbon constituents of petroleum. See ligroin, petroleum ether


(ˈbɛn zin, bɛnˈzin)

also ben•zin

(ˈbɛn zɪn)

a colorless liquid mixture of various hydrocarbons obtained in the distillation of petroleum: used in cleaning and dyeing.
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Noun1.benzine - a colorless liquid hydrocarbon; highly inflammable; carcinogenic; the simplest of the aromatic compounds
aromatic hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds
benzene formula, benzene nucleus, benzene ring, Kekule formula - a closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached


[ˈbenziːn] Nbencina f


nLeichtbenzin nt
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Angrily] By the way: my dressing-gown smells most damnably of benzine.
L'un de nos objectifs etait d'avoir dans le panel des philosophes francais, marocains et aussi des intellectuels qui naviguent entre les deux pays, a titre d'exemple Rachid Benzine, qui est l'un des penseurs de l'Islam aujourd'hui.
500mg, Tab Enalopril Maleate 5mg, Didofenec gel, Oint Chlobetasol, Propionate, Miconazole ,Nitrate, Zinc Sulphat with Newmycin Drop Ear Wax Softence (Paradichlone benzine, Benzocaine, Chlorbutol & Turpentine Oil), Povidone-Iodine 5% Jar 250gm, Povidox-lodine S% Tube 25mg, Sy Antacid (Almina, Magnesia & Simethicone) Sy Laxative (Liquid Paraffin & Milk of ,,Magnesia) Sy Alkalizer (Disodium Hydrogen citrate), Tab Fluconazone 150, Tab Alprazolam .
Un potentiel evident s'exprime a travers cette palette, comme l'affirme le galeriste et animateur culturel Omar Benzine, lui-meme artiste ceramiste : [beaucoup moins que] A vrai dire, je vois defiler plusieurs artistes.
and establishing themselves as peerless master showmen with an approach to their art -- and 'art' is the word -- that is dramatic, epic in scale and capable of touching all of the senses; a dark and spectacular fairy-tale laced with controversy, don't-try-this-at-home theatrics, plus the all-consuming aroma of benzine.
During his visit that year, J B |Priestley called the town a "hideous muddle"; below, skilled workers who repaired the benzine carrier Patella in 1921 at Smith's Dock; right, hungry workers pouring out of the main gates for their lunch break in December, 1956
4], Petroleum benzine (40-60[degrees]C), distilled, anhydrous sodium sulfate ([Na.
Driftless Pony Club is led by Craig Benzine, aka Wheezywaiter.
As a matter of fact, Matteo Troilo has noted that Supercortemaggiore was only minimally produced from Italian oil, and ENI's discoveries of oil in Cortemaggiore were mostly exploited for advertising, leveraging the national pride of consumers: "In questo senso non ci si discostava molto dalle pubblicita degli anni Trenta in cui l' AGIP presentava le benzine Littoria e Vittoria, oltre che di grande valore, come prodotti italiani" (Troilo 51).
In the paint shop on the factory's third floor, workers dipped their hands in benzine and began to scrape the evidence of the day's labour from their skin.
The USD-three-billion refinery, in the Baskara area, southern Algiers, will be producing 500,000 tons of benzine, 220,000 tons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and 169,000 tons of kerosene, minister of energy Yusuf Yusufi said in a statement.