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 (bĕn′zō-fĭ-nōn′, -fē′nōn)
A white crystalline aromatic compound, C13H10O, used in perfumery and in medicine. Also called diphenylketone.


(Elements & Compounds) a white sweet-smelling crystalline solid used mainly in the manufacture of organic compounds and in perfume. Formula: C6H5COC6H5. Also called: diphenylketone


(ˌbɛn zoʊ fɪˈnoʊn, -ˈfi noʊn)

a crystalline, water-insoluble ketone, C13H10O, used in organic synthesis.
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The analysis of major compounds of propolis showed the presence of diterpenicacids, prenylated benzophenones, and triterpenes in the propolis obtained from Cundinamarca Antioquia, and Huila regions respectively.
This genus is also reported to be a rich source of xanthones, benzophenones, flavonoids, biflavonoids and triterpenes showing significant pharmacological activities.
Songwon's UVA portfolio Songsorb[R] CS is a comprehensive range of UV stabilizers that spans from the traditional benzophenones to the benzotriazoles--known for their extensive utilization scope and also includes the most recent, high-performing triazine UV absorbers.
This compound is little known in the genus Platonia belonging to the family Clusiaceae, in which was observed occurrence of polyprenylated benzophenones.
Consequently, oxygen containing heterocycles (benzofuran, methylbenzofuran, dibenzofuran), carbonyl groups characterizing aldehydes and ketones (acetonaphthones, benzophenones, benzoquinones, benzaldehydes and their hydroxyl- and hydroxylmethyl derivatives), sulfur containing heterocycles (benzothiazole, benzoisothiazole), and nitriles (benzonitrile and aliphatic nitriles with long hydrocarbon chains) represent other groups of organic compounds identified in this extract.
Benzophenones, chemical ultraviolet light absorbers used in products ranging from sunscreens and hair sprays to plastic lens filters for color photography, have been named the American Contact Dermatitis Society's 2014 Contact Allergen of the Year.
The first part of the volume is organized by chemical class, covering monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, triterpenes & steroids, essential oils, phenolic compounds, phenylpropanoids, coumarins, flavonoids, quinones & benzophenones, xanthones & anthranoids, lignans & stilbenes, tannins, alkaloids, and ceramides & cerebrosides.
Benzophenones, benzotriazoles, and HALS include Lowilite 20, 20S,22, and 24 hydroxy-benzophenones.
The composition combines the beneficial synergistic effects of polyisoprenylated benzophenones, stilbenes and anthocyanins to enable weight loss.
Generally, as a possible way to solve the problem of POM photostabilization, a series of ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers have been successfully used to prevent polymeric materials from aging induced by sunlight, such as benzophenones, benzotriazoles, triazines, and hindered amine light stabilizers.
For example, certain benzophenones, dichlorophenols, parabens, and the compound triclosan have been shown to disrupt estrogen receptor signaling in animal and in vitro models either by binding directly to the receptor itself or through modulation of downstream signaling processes (Akahori et al.
12) In fact, the very commonly used benzophenones and salicylates demonstrate more antiandrogenic activity than that of flutamide, the antiandrogen drug given to prostate cancer patients to stop the influence of testosterone in the effort to slow prostate cancer growth.