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 (bĭ-kwēth′, -kwēth′)
tr.v. be·queathed, be·queath·ing, be·queaths
1. Law To leave or give (personal property) by will.
2. To pass (something) on to another; hand down: bequeathed to their children a respect for hard work.

[Middle English biquethen, from Old English becwethan : be-, be- + cwethan, to say; see gwet- in Indo-European roots.]

be·queath′al, be·queath′ment n.
be·queath′er n.
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This means that the Arab republics that are supposed to be governed by the people through the elections are now witnessing the bequeathal of power in a way worse than what is seen in monarchies.
The upcoming parliamentary elections of 2009 will represent a principal test in this context while the presidential bequeathal of power will cover YemenCOs future with mist.
By doing so, he wanted to ensure his stay and secure a bequeathal of power, after he placed all the positions in the hands of his sons and relatives.
It is evident that road to the bequeathal of power is not paved, nor is it safe, and walking on it is risky.
Did Hosni Moubarak know the extent of the opposition to bequeathal and renewal?
In the strategic sphere, the regime managed to mobilize away certain military units for a long time period and engage them in the Sa'ada fighting between the government and Houthis because these units may constitute a real threat to the plan of power bequeathal.
Now, the oldest Arab ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi is being faced with revolutions in Benghazi, Tripoli and Al-Bayda despite the policy of oppression he is applying, while Yemeni President Ali Saleh is also facing the revolutions of the people with pledges and the denial of the bequeathal of power.
The idea of bequeathal of power was aborted by the January 25 revolution not only in Egypt, but also in Libya and Yemen.
Before this, he had to announce the rejection of bequeathal, the amendment of the constitution and the assessment of the annulment of the emergency law which was in place throughout his rule.
All of this is witnessed while the regime is busy protecting itself, trying to ensure the bequeathal of power and fighting the opposition forces, at the head of which is the Muslim Brotherhood.
But the authority's lethal mistake is that it believed it could exceed its share in this trade-off, continue depriving the citizens of their freedoms and livelihood, and on top of it all seek the perpetuation of this policy through the bequeathal of power.
Dr Debra Patten at Newcastle University who looks after the bequeathal process for the region said:"Body donation is essential for training our doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals.