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A past tense and past participle of beseech.


the past tense and past participle of beseech



v. -sought -seeched, -seech•ing. v.t.
1. to implore urgently: They besought us to go at once.
2. to beg eagerly for; solicit.
3. to make urgent appeal.
[before 1100; Middle English bisechen, Old English besēcan. See be-, seek]
be•seech′er, n.
be•seech′ing•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
And inaudible, too, by mortal ear, but heard with all-comprehending love and pity in the farthest heaven, that almost agony of prayer --now whispered, now a groan, now a struggling silence--wherewith she besought the Divine assistance through the day Evidently, this is to be a day of more than ordinary trial to Miss Hepzibah, who, for above a quarter of a century gone by, has dwelt in strict seclusion, taking no part in the business of life, and just as little in its intercourse and pleasures.
And the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale's best discerning friends, as we have intimated, very reasonably imagined that the hand of Providence had done all this for the purpose -- besought in so many public and domestic and secret prayers -- of restoring the young minister to health.
I went, at the earliest opportunity, and besought him to depart; affirming that Catherine was better, and he should hear from me in the morning how she passed the night.
Indeed, the Spirit did not stay for anything, but went straight on, as to the end just now desired, until besought by Scrooge to tarry for a moment.
If I could have seen my mother alone, I should have gone down on my knees to her and besought her forgiveness; but I saw no one, Miss Murdstone excepted, during the whole time - except at evening prayers in the parlour; to which I was escorted by Miss Murdstone after everybody else was placed; where I was stationed, a young outlaw, all alone by myself near the door; and whence I was solemnly conducted by my jailer, before any one arose from the devotional posture.
As if I had besought them as a favour to bother my life out.
What when we fled amain, pursu'd and strook With Heav'ns afflicting Thunder, and besought The Deep to shelter us?
I locked my door and, with tears in my eyes, besought it, if it were still alive, to manifest itself to me.
When this was done he stretched out his hand eagerly for the piece of bread, but his brothers gave him such a tiny scrap that the starving youth finished it in a moment and besought them for a second bit.
Others of the band besought him to let them go with him, but he would not.