best seller

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also best seller  (bĕst′sĕl′ər)
A product, such as a book, that is among those sold in the largest numbers.

best′sell′er·dom n.
best′-sell′ing adj.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: seller - a book that has had a large and rapid salebest seller - a book that has had a large and rapid sale
trade book, trade edition - a book intended for general readership
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com)-- M-Connect Media - a Magento development company, has launched the Best Seller Extension with Product Ribbons.
McGraw's title topped the NY Times Best Seller List for the week of 9-16 February and remained in first place for the week of 16-23 February.
Ford Focus was the UK best seller in February, taking 6.
LOOKING GOOD: The Hollyoaks Babes calendar is a best seller
s Corolla to become the best seller in Japan in November for the first time in 14 months since the introduction of the remodeled Fit, an industry body said Thursday.
Attention, conspiracy theorists: We are happy to announce the next New York Times best seller, "The Gospel of Judas.
It does not appear on the list of holiday best sellers, but it is a best seller in its own right.
whose unique, Web-based software platform will be used by the staff of The New York Times Best Seller Lists to help validate eBooks sales data received from various sources.
Phil McGraw (released February 12, 2013) debuted on the NY Times Best Seller List at #1 for the week of February 9-16 and remained #1 for the week of February 16-23.
Dr Seuss' seminal children's book, 'The Cat in the Hat', is set to re-enter the New York times best seller list for the first time in decades this weekend due to the massive marketing campaign employed to promote the up-coming live action movie of the story.
Michael Hammer and James Champy's Reengineering the Corporation has been the past year's major management best seller, and on the strength of its success Hammer, a former business professor at MIT, has emerged as one of America's hot new management gurus, jetting hither and yon to talk to conclaves of corporate executives for daily fees running into five figures.
Real Estate Expert Facilitates Non-Profit Purchase Options for Homeownership by Underprivileged Families, Offers Investment Returns up to 100% to Investors in Best Seller Real Estate, LLC