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tr.v. be·stowed, be·stow·ing, be·stows
1. To present as a gift or an honor; confer: bestowed high praise on the winners.
2. To apply; use: "On Hester Prynne's story ... I bestowed much thought" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
3. To place or stow: "He bestowed [the money] in his pockets with feigned composure" (James Joyce).
4. To store or house.

[Middle English bistowen : bi-, be- + stowen, to place; see stow.]

be·stow′a·ble adj.
be·stow′al, be·stow′ment n.
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Noun1.bestowal - the act of conferring an honor or presenting a giftbestowal - the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift
giving, gift - the act of giving
2.bestowal - a gift that is bestowed or conferredbestowal - a gift that is bestowed or conferred
gift - something acquired without compensation


The act of conferring, as of an honor:
مَنْح، عَطاء، هِبَه، إنْعامٌ عَلى


[bɪˈstəʊəl] N [of title, honour] → otorgamiento m; [of money, gifts] → donación f; [of affections] → ofrecimiento m


nan +acc) (of gift)Schenken nt; (of favour, friendship, kiss)Gewähren nt; (of honour)Erweisen f; (of title, medal)Verleihung f


(biˈstəu) verb
(with on) to give (especially a title, award etc) to someone. The Queen bestowed a knighthood on him.
beˈstowal noun
References in classic literature ?
Some day, he told himself, the fide of things political will turn in my favor and the years of ineffectual service count big in the bestowal of rewards.
Stryver having made up his mind to that magnanimous bestowal of good fortune on the Doctor's daughter, resolved to make her happiness known to her before he left town for the Long Vacation.
And here comes in at once the bestowal of rewards upon his squire and all who have aided him in rising to so exalted a rank.
That merry stamping, that gracious nodding of the head, that waving bestowal of the hand--where can we see them now?
you women, you can get what you want by the bestowal of a few favors.
His outraged self-esteem seized the opportunity of vindicating Mercy by a public bestowal of the gift.
During the four years of their control of the government he remained in London on intimate terms with them, especially with Bolingbroke and Harley, exercising a very large advisory share in the bestowal of places of all sorts and in the general conduct of affairs.
Sowerberry to Oliver, had consisted of a profuse bestowal upon him of all the dirty odds and ends which nobody else would eat; so there was a great deal of meekness and self-devotion in her voluntarily remaining under Mr.
The bestowal of these funds marks Omnitracs' sixth consecutive year participating in the cause, bringing the total amount of contributions to $150,000 since becoming involved in 2010.
For some, the recognition may be remembered, if at all, simply as a passing event; however, I am certain that for others, the bestowal of honors will have the same profound and lasting impact that it has had for me.
Service packaging, collection, transport and final bestowal a licensed facility for recovery and / or disposal of hazardous waste and non-hazardous products in homes ATAC SpA Lazio Region with an attached provision of roll-off containers, for a period of 30 months .
Under His Highness the Amir, Kuwait has become a global "Humanitarian Center" and so the slogan chosen for this year's celebration by the Ministry is "Tolerance is Bestowal," he noted.