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also best seller  (bĕst′sĕl′ər)
A product, such as a book, that is among those sold in the largest numbers.

best′sell′er·dom n.
best′-sell′ing adj.


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a book, record, CD, or other product that has sold in great numbers, esp over a short period
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the author of one or more such books, etc
ˌbestˈselling adj


(ˈbɛstˈsɛl ər)

a product, as a book, that among those of its class sells very well at a given time.
[1885–90, Amer.]
best′sell′er•dom, n.
best′-sell′ing, adj.
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Noun1.bestseller - a book that has had a large and rapid salebestseller - a book that has had a large and rapid sale
trade book, trade edition - a book intended for general readership
الأكْثَرُ بيعاالأَكْثَر مَبِيعاً
çoksataren çok satan
sách bán chạy nhất


[ˈbestˈseləʳ] Nbest-seller m, éxito m de ventas


n (= book) → best-seller m
modif [list, chart] → des meilleures ventesbest-selling [ˌbɛstˈsɛlɪŋ] adj [book, writer] → à succès; [record, album] → qui remporte un grand succès


[ˌbɛstˈsɛləʳ] nbestseller m inv


(best) adjective, pronoun
(something which is) good to the greatest extent. the best book on the subject; the best (that) I can do; She is my best friend; Which method is (the) best?; The flowers are at their best just now.
in the best manner. She sings best (of all).
to defeat. He was bested in the argument.
best man
the bridegroom's attendant at a wedding.
ˌbestˈseller noun
something (usually a book) which sells very many copies. Ernest Hemingway wrote several bestsellers.
the best part of
most of; nearly (all of). I've read the best part of two hundred books on the subject.
do one's best
to try as hard as possible. He'll do his best to be here on time.
for the best
intended to have the best results possible. We don't want to send the child away to school but we're doing it for the best.
get the best of
to win, or get some advantage from, (a fight, argument etc). He was shouting a lot, but I think I got the best of the argument.
make the best of it
to do all one can to turn a failure etc into something successful. She is disappointed at not getting into university but she'll just have to make the best of it and find a job.


الأَكْثَر مَبِيعاً bestseler bestseller Bestseller βιβλίο με υψηλές πωλήσεις superventas bestseller best-seller bestseler bestseller ベストセラー 베스트셀러 bestseller bestselger bestseller best-seller бестселлер bästsäljare ขายดีที่สุด çoksatar sách bán chạy nhất 畅销货
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