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Adj.1.bestubbled - having a short growth of beardbestubbled - having a short growth of beard; "his stubbled chin"
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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You'd be unwise to say that to Kurt Russell's bestubbled, lantern-jawed face however, his Snake Plissken being the baddest, botty-kicking, take-noprisoners type anti-hero since, oh, like forever.
If, by now, you haven't stepped back nervously from Mao's oncoming sprinters and tripped over one of the several naked bronze ladies who live on the gallery's lower floor, you'll enjoy Jonathan Trowell's delicate pastels, of another winner for Khalid Abdullah (there I go again, I can't help it), of a full-flight racing greyhound or of the full-contact ballet of a polo match, which will bring you to the final artist of this exhibition, the very topical Charlie Langton, the bestubbled socialite (I saw him chatting to AP McCoy at the Cartier awards) recently commissioned to produce the new perpetual trophy for the Investec Derby.
BBC1 this week screened something called The Personality Test with a bestubbled Mockney nonentity called Nick Knowles.