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Noun1.beta-interferon - a form of interferon that is produced by fibroblasts and have antiviral effectsbeta-interferon - a form of interferon that is produced by fibroblasts and have antiviral effects; used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
interferon - an antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus; inhibits replication of the virus
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Procurement contract is gradual delivery of various drugs, infusion solutions, measures to decontaminate the skin and mucous membranes, and the formulation of interferon beta-interferon beta-1B and 1A, in line with the current needs of the hospital.
Thousands of patients who could benefit from beta-interferon were being 'forced to sit on the sidelines', said Mr Cardy.
Nor about the real concerns felt by sufferers about the availability of beta-interferon.
Beta-interferon was licensed for people with secondary progressive MS in February 1999.
Half suffer from relapsing-remitting MS, for which beta-interferon can be prescribed under government guidelines.
One hundred grams of beta-interferon are required annually to treat multiple sclerosis, generating revenues of approximately $500 million.
A few years ago while still a PhD student at the University of Alabama, the study's first author, Robert Axtell, had shown that, as in people with multiple sclerosis, beta-interferon can reverse paralysis in mice with EAE.
She has asked Rugby MP Andy King to take up the cause in Parliament and investigate why beta-interferon is not available in Britain while it is in Europe and the USA.
Because of the postcode lottery, people with MS in Turkey stand a better chance of getting beta-interferon.
Detects Neutralizing Antibodies to Beta-interferon Therapy in MS
Because of the increased risk of PML, it is for patients with high disease activity despite treatment with a beta-interferon or in patients with rapidly evolving severe relapsing-remitting MS.

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