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An evergreen vine (Piper betle) of South and Southeast Asia, having heart-shaped or ovate leaves that are used to wrap betel nuts.

[Portuguese, from Malayalam vettila, veṟṟila, from Tamil veṟṟilai.]


(Plants) an Asian piperaceous climbing plant, Piper betle, the leaves of which are chewed, with the betel nut, by the peoples of SE Asia
[C16: from Portuguese, from Malayalam vettila]


(ˈbit l)

an East Indian pepper plant, Piper betle, the leaves of which are chewed with other ingredients.
Also called be′tel pep`per.
[1545–55; < Portuguese bétele, bétere < Malayalam viṟṟila]
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Noun1.betel - Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians
genus Piper, Piper - type genus of the Piperaceae: large genus of chiefly climbing tropical shrubs
pepper vine, true pepper - any of various shrubby vines of the genus Piper


A. Nbetel m
B. CPD betel nut Nbetel m


nBetel m
References in classic literature ?
Upon the car, which was drawn by four richly caparisoned zebus, stood a hideous statue with four arms, the body coloured a dull red, with haggard eyes, dishevelled hair, protruding tongue, and lips tinted with betel.
It was as though they were passing along a beaten highway in the center of a civilized community; and yet she knew that the men who lolled upon the verandahs, puffing indolently upon their cigarettes or chewing betel nut, were all head hunters, and that along the verandah rafters above them hung the grisly trophies of their prowess.
Two or three boys awoke and watched him while they prepared and chewed betel nut and lime wrapped in green leaves.
The regular use of betel will, in time, stain the mucosa, gums, and teeth.
With approval from the Ethics Committee of Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital (Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital IRB:097028) we studied the influence of long-term betel nut chewing (daily for over five years) on difficult intubation in 218 males requiring tracheal intubation for elective surgery.
What about treating patients who are chewing on betel nuts (supari or areca) and have discoloration and attrition?
The Philippines and the Nicobar Island have been known as the centers of origin of betel nut.
We did the first surgery on Monday on the boy, a US national of Asian origin, who had swallowed a betel nut given to him by a relative during a family gathering," said Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) paediatric chest diseases and asthma consultant Dr Osama Abdel Karim.
Therefore, this study empirically investigates the potential impacts of risk information dissemination on the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and betel nuts in Taiwan.
He says, "Though paans are also smuggled from India via Wagha Border, the quality of such paans is not good as they are grown in two to four days by using intensified chemicals whereas a paan vine takes 15 days to produce betel leaves.
I had heard about Betel and went to their branch in Northfield.
The assault on the betel leaf could be seen as a curious choice as Dubai's faces far more serious troubles after the global recession crashed the boomtown's party and left many construction sites idle and foreign workers packing up.