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bête noire

(ˌbeɪt ˈnwɑr)

n., pl. bêtes noires (ˌbeɪt ˈnwɑrz)
a person or thing esp. disliked or dreaded.
[1835–45; < French: literally, black beast]
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Using these arrests to settle scores with his betenoire J Jayalalithaa, the DMK Patriarch said "Reports of movement of terrorists and their activities in Tamil Nadu have created panic among people".
He came down heavily on party's betenoire, Mayawati, whom Kidwai had worked with before joining SP.
It will also require beating savvy neocon strategists who have successfully turned the regulation of carbon emissions into the betenoire of the conservative movement.
The bespectacled Italian politician, who is rapidly developing into the biggest betenoire for Euro-sceptics since Jacques Delors, shapes his sentences carefully, but a good many of them contain sentiments which the British government, in particular, would rather not have aired in public.
And I didn't dare bring up the photographs--this was now the betenoire of all the appointments.
The party wants SIT to "unearth" the black money hoarded by its betenoire, Chandra Babu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party (TDP).
His betenoire soon outsmarted him by cornering Manmohan Singh government on the fishermen's issue.