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 (bĕth′əl, bĕth′ĕl′)
A town of ancient Palestine north of Jerusalem. It is now a major archaeological site.


1. A hallowed or holy place.
a. A chapel for seafarers.
b. Chiefly British A Nonconformist chapel, especially a Baptist or Methodist one.

[Hebrew bêt 'ēl, house of God : bayit, house; see byt in Semitic roots + 'ēl, God; see ʔl in Semitic roots.]


1. (Placename) an ancient town in the West Bank, near Jerusalem: in the Old Testament, the place where the dream of Jacob occurred (Genesis 28:19)
2. (Christian Churches, other) a chapel of any of certain Nonconformist Christian sects
3. (Nautical Terms) a seamen's chapel
[C17: from Hebrew bēth 'Ēl house of God]


(ˈbɛθ əl)

1. a sacred area or sanctuary. Gen. 28:19.
2. a church or hostel for sailors.
[1610–20; < Hebrew bēth 'ēl house of God]


(ˈbɛθ əl, -ɛl, ˌbɛθˈɛl)

a village in W Jordan, near Jerusalem; dream of Jacob. Gen. 28:19.
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Noun1.bethel - a house of worship (especially one for sailors)bethel - a house of worship (especially one for sailors)
house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, place of worship - any building where congregations gather for prayer
References in classic literature ?
Nor did ISRAEL scape Th' infection when their borrow'd Gold compos'd The Calf in OREB: and the Rebel King Doubl'd that sin in BETHEL and in DAN, Lik'ning his Maker to the Grazed Ox, JEHOVAH, who in one Night when he pass'd From EGYPT marching, equal'd with one stroke Both her first born and all her bleating Gods.
They have spoken often, in happily worded language which never varied, of how they mean to lay their weary heads upon a stone at Bethel, as Jacob did, and close their dim eyes, and dream, perchance, of angels descending out of heaven on a ladder.
Should I of these the liberty regard, Who, freed, as to their ancient patrimony, Unhumbled, unrepentant, unreformed, Headlong would follow, and to their gods perhaps Of Bethel and of Dan?
Cook, housemaid, and nursemaid; each female servant required to join the Little Bethel Congregation three times every Sunday--with a serious footman.
I know who has been putting that in your head,' rejoined her son disconsolately; 'that's Little Bethel again.
With more kisses, and hugs, and tears, than many young gentlemen who start upon their travels, and leave well-stocked homes behind them, would deem within the bounds of probability (if matter so low could be herein set down), Kit left the house at an early hour next morning, and set out to walk to Finchley; feeling a sufficient pride in his appearance to have warranted his excommunication from Little Bethel from that time forth, if he had ever been one of that mournful congregation.
The Town of Bethel Vermont will be rebuilding the existing pool house building on the existing site.
The NCUA placed New Bethel into conservatorship to enable the credit union to continue regular operations with experienced management in place and correct previous service and operational weaknesses," the agency said at that time.
Applications for open enrollment in the Bethel School District will continue through April 1.
Bethel of Bennington, VT, two nieces and many cousins.
Bethel councillor Sion Jones met yesterday (Tuesday) with Dylan Wyn Jones from the transport department of Gwynedd Council to discuss ways to develop the 20mph zones in the village.
com)-- Ann Arbor Community Radio (A2CR) has announced its first program partnership with Bethel AME Church in Ann Arbor.