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Adj.1.better-known - more familiar or renowned than the other of two; "the better-known book of the two"
known - apprehended with certainty; "a known quantity"; "the limits of the known world"; "a musician known throughout the world"; "a known criminal"
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Clytia - The Chrysanthemum Peruvianum, or, to employ a better-known term, the turnsol - which continually turns towards the sun, covers itself, like Peru, the country from which it comes, with dewy clouds which cool and refresh its flowers during the most violent heat of the day.
In the last in the current series of Secrets from the Sky, Bettany Hughes puts the case for the Antonine Wall, explaining how contrary to popular belief, the Romans didn't stop in Northumberland, but marched on deep into Scotland, building the most heavily fortified border in the whole empire some 100 miles north of the better-known monument.
This is particularly evident on the smattering of better-known songs.
This contains adaptations of a number of Poe's better-known short stories, with a few lesser-known stories and several poems.
Gordon became attracted to the franchise because of its established brand, its focus on delivery services, and its combination of progressive expansion without the market saturation of other better-known franchises.
The creative homemaker honed in on making pastelitos--turnovers similar to better-known empanadas--filled with meat, ham, chicken, pepperoni and cheese and other mouthwatering treats for her family.
The text then moves on to the dinosaur era with its better-known creatures, such as tyrannosaurs and velociraptors, and concludes by examining the ancestors of modern mammals.
His better-known works included the novel The Blackboard Jungle.
This anthology contains an excellent selection of repertoire, ranging from better-known and more celebrated works by women composers (such as movements from Clara Wieck Schumann's Trio in G Minor for Piano, Violin and Cello and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich's Pulitzer Prize-winning Symphony No.
When The Domocratic National Committee removed him from the South Carolina ballot, he journeyed to Louisiana to campaign for five weeks, and garnered 3,161 votes for the state's 2004 Democratic primary, finishing fifth and beating two better-known candidates.
Like its better-known counterpart, the youth drug court, the juvenile gun court is a specialty court that features small case loads, frequent hearings, immediate sanctions, family involvement, and treatment services.
Unlike better-known compatriots Jan Slujters and Kees Van Dongen, who were also immersed in Parisian nightlife, Maks worked far from the front lines of modernism, and this distance kept his reputation dimmed.