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a. In or through the position or interval separating: between the trees; between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock.
b. Intermediate to, as in quantity, amount, or degree: It costs between 15 and 20 dollars.
2. Connecting spatially: a railroad between the two cities.
3. Associating or uniting in a reciprocal action or relationship: an agreement between workers and management; a certain resemblance between the two stories.
4. In confidence restricted to: Between you and me, he is not qualified.
a. By the combined effort or effect of: Between them they succeeded.
b. In the combined ownership of: They had only a few dollars between them.
6. As measured against. Often used to express a reciprocal relationship: choose between riding and walking.
In an intermediate space, position, or time; in the interim.
in between
In an intermediate situation: My roommates disagreed and I was caught in between.
in between times
During an intervening period; in the meantime: has written several books and teaches in between times.

[Middle English bitwene, from Old English betwēonum; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]

between′ness n.
Usage Note: The -tween in between comes from the same Indo-European root that gave us two, twain, and duo, and the -mong of among comes from an Old English word that meant "crowd" or "throng." It is thus unsurprising that a traditional rule requires between to be used only for sentences involving two items and among for sentences involving more than two. Indeed, in sentences involving two items, no rule is needed; native English speakers spontaneously use between (as in the differences between [not among] karate and judo). But when there are more than two items, practice is mixed. Many careful writers observe a more subtle distinction, using among when the sentence refers to the entities collectively or as a mass, as in There were many outstanding players among the teams in the quarterfinal round or A thistle is growing among the roses, but preferring between when the sentence refers to relationships involving particular pairs of entities from within the group, as in We haven't yet assigned the matchups between teams in the quarterfinal round or I have sand between my toes. In such sentences, the twoness of between has not, so to speak, been lost in the crowd—the pairings within the larger group are important to the meaning of the sentence and thus influence the writer's choice of preposition.


the condition of being between
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Abstract: The essay adopts an interalogical perspective to explore spaces of democratic interdependence, the betweenness and contingency of interbeing, where political antagonism and even indifference or disconnection would be mitigated by rhetorical acts of escape through discursive walls of separation.
Betweenness is an index of evaluating the influence of a node exerting over the spread of information through the network.
It is a space of betweenness, a no-man's land that requires special tools to hold open.
As a result of the computation of nodes' weighted betweenness centrality (henceforth, WBC), considerations concerning the position and the relevance of each node, with respect to the entire network structure, are developed.
The most important centrality measures are degree centrality and betweenness centrality.
Chapter 3 is an excellent treatment of mestizaje, metissage, and mixing, which recognizes that ideological projects seeking to overcome racialized divisions through mixture tend to reproduce the purities imagined to create the mixed product: "in betweenness itself implicates essentialism" (p.
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The transportation accessibility was measured by some indexes, such as Betweenness, Closeness and Straightness on the road network.
Spurred by the observation that a few relay nodes with high betweenness centrality can provide more optimal routes for a large number of node pairs, we propose a resilient routing overlay network construction method by introducing Super-Relay nodes.
In the book you make a reference to having "nothing in common but betweenness.
There is considerably reduced nodal betweenness in the lingual gyrus and amygdale in the IGD subjects.
Betweenness centrality is a supplemental measure of student centrality equal to the number of shortest paths from all students to all others that pass through that student.