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1. The angle or inclination of a line or surface that meets another at any angle but 90°.
2. Two rules joined together as adjustable arms used to measure or draw angles of any size or to fix a surface at an angle. Also called bevel square.
v. bev·eled, bev·el·ing, bev·els or bev·elled or bev·el·ling
To cut at an inclination that forms an angle other than a right angle: beveled the edges of the table.
To be inclined; slant.

[From Middle French *bevel, bevel square (source of Modern French biveau), from Old French *baivel, from diminutive of baif, open-mouthed, from baer, to gape, from Vulgar Latin *batāre, to yawn, gape; see bay2.]
مَشْطوب، مَحْفوف، مائِل
sem er meî sniîbrún


[ˈbɛvəld] (British) beveled [ˈbɛvəld] (US) adj [edge] → biseauté(e)


(ˈbevəl) noun
a slanting edge (rather than a sharp corner). A chisel has a bevel on its cutting edge.
ˈbevelled adjective
bevelled glass.
References in classic literature ?
At the other end of the series we have the cells of the hive-bee, placed in a double layer: each cell, as is well known, is an hexagonal prism, with the basal edges of its six sides bevelled so as to join on to a pyramid, formed of three rhombs.
Well, I suppose it 'got in' through the bevelled edge of that glass thermometer in the window," he said wearily.
It was not an unpleasant sensation as I leant back in the comfortable hansom, and rather to one side, in order to have a good look at myself in the bevelled mirror that is almost as great an improvement in these vehicles as the rubber tires.