Wearing a wig.



wearing a wig.


adjmit Perücke, Perücke tragend attr
References in classic literature ?
If the feast were less magnificent than those same panelled walls had witnessed in a by-gone century,--if mine host presided with somewhat less of state than might have befitted a successor of the royal Governors,--if the guests made a less imposing show than the bewigged and powdered and embroidered dignitaries, who erst banqueted at the gubernatorial table, and now sleep, within their armorial tombs on Copp's Hill, or round King's Chapel,--yet never, I may boldly say, did a more comfortable little party assemble in the Province House, from Queen Anne's days to the Revolution.
It was out of place among the dim old engravings of bewigged portraits and conventional landscapes on the walls of Golden Milestone.
This was sheer fun for me in regard of the fact that Fyne's too was a runaway match, which even got into the papers in its time, because the late indignant poet had no discretion and sought to avenge this outrage publicly in some absurd way before a bewigged judge.
Doesn't your heart go out to the bewigged wonders who were forced to beg the Government to restore their salaries.
Even before he actually performed, just the sight of him made-up, bewigged and costumed to look like a mini-me of Mommy D was already a winner.
The audience was in hysterics from the moment "she" walked on stage, bejewelled, bewigged and a towering 6ft-plus in sparkling blue stilettos.
Panti--the alter ego of bar owner and activist Rory O'Neill--had become the bewigged figurehead of marriage equality in Ireland.
I even thought he looked amazing all eye-linered up and bewigged as Jareth King of the Goblins from Labyrinth.
Gaunt said: "This filthy, stinking pervert from Bedworth, David Smith is going to go to prison but this bewigged buffoon is allowing him to go on get wedded, get married and go on his honeymoon.
The robed and bewigged lord mayor presented him with Wellington's sword and Eisenhower, pale and nervous in the floodlights, stepped up to the microphone and began to speak.
It took DCI Jack Cloth (John Hannah) a while to come to terms with his wife's murder - he barely remembers hername these days - and now he's hit with the news that his brother Terry (a bearded, bewigged Hannah), has been killed.
This time round, Cloth is hit with the news that his brother Terry (played by a bearded and bewigged Hannah) has been killed, and the detective has to lean on his formidable team to help catch the mystery killer.