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bezel-set gemstones


1. A slanting surface or bevel on the edge of a cutting tool, such as a chisel.
2. The upper, faceted portion of a cut gem, above the girdle and below the table.
a. A groove or flange designed to hold a beveled edge, as of a gem.
b. A ring that secures the crystal of a watch or chronometer, often rotatable and marked so as to allow timekeeping functions.
4. The frame around a display screen.

[Probably French dialectal; akin to French biseau, from bis, two times, from Latin; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Tools) the sloping face adjacent to the working edge of a cutting tool
2. (Jewellery) the upper oblique faces of a cut gem
3. (Jewellery) a grooved ring or part holding a gem, watch crystal, etc
4. (Automotive Engineering) a retaining outer rim used in vehicle instruments, e.g. in tachometers and speedometers
5. (Automotive Engineering) a small indicator light used in vehicle instrument panels
[C17: probably from French biseau, perhaps from Latin bis twice]


(ˈbɛz əl)

1. the diagonal face at the end of the blade of a chisel.
3. a grooved ring or rim holding a gem, watch crystal, etc., in its setting.
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Noun1.bezel - a sloping edge on a cutting toolbezel - a sloping edge on a cutting tool  
edge - a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object; "he rounded the edges of the box"
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