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bezel-set gemstones


1. A slanting surface or bevel on the edge of a cutting tool, such as a chisel.
2. The upper, faceted portion of a cut gem, above the girdle and below the table.
a. A groove or flange designed to hold a beveled edge, as of a gem.
b. A ring that secures the crystal of a watch or chronometer, often rotatable and marked so as to allow timekeeping functions.
4. The frame around a display screen.

[Probably French dialectal; akin to French biseau, from bis, two times, from Latin; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Tools) the sloping face adjacent to the working edge of a cutting tool
2. (Jewellery) the upper oblique faces of a cut gem
3. (Jewellery) a grooved ring or part holding a gem, watch crystal, etc
4. (Automotive Engineering) a retaining outer rim used in vehicle instruments, e.g. in tachometers and speedometers
5. (Automotive Engineering) a small indicator light used in vehicle instrument panels
[C17: probably from French biseau, perhaps from Latin bis twice]


(ˈbɛz əl)

1. the diagonal face at the end of the blade of a chisel.
3. a grooved ring or rim holding a gem, watch crystal, etc., in its setting.
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Noun1.bezel - a sloping edge on a cutting toolbezel - a sloping edge on a cutting tool  
edge - a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object; "he rounded the edges of the box"
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of 1)pressure guage dial size 50mm, range 0-7 bar,1/4"bsp bottom connection, case & bezel ss-304, socket brass, sensing material brass burdon tube, accuracy +/- 1.
It's highly likely that this will be placed in a very thin bezel.
The watch's groundbreaking technology is framed by a dark blue plastic case with matching bezel.
With this partnership, LG brings to the Qatari market the "world's narrowest" Bezel Video Wall display with 1.
The company's latest range of digital solutions introduced to the Bahrain market during the event included the 98-inch Ultra HD 4K premium signage display, the 86-inch Ultra Stretch Display and the world's narrowest bezel video wall display with 1.
There's a chronograph version, a GMT version, a "Liquid Metal" version, which is the name of an Omega patented method of mixing a zirconium based alloy to ceramic which gives added strength as well as beauty to the bezel.
com | Mont Blanc Star Classique Lady, PS1,250, Mont Blanc | Mont Blanc Star Classique Lady, PS1,250, Mont Blanc | Steel Mesh Watch with Gold Bezel, PS175, Pandora | Steel Mesh Watch with Gold Bezel, PS175, Pandora | Olivia Burton Woodland Metallic Butterfly Watch, PS75, asos.
The floating island bezel is the centerpiece of the all-new Dodge Dart interior.
In addition to the floating island bezel, SABIC materials were used in the forward and rear/signal exterior lighting, front grilles, exterior trim and tank flap of the 2013 Dodge Dart.
AUO's exhibits included a large video wall of the world's thinnest 46-inch high-resolution super-narrow bezel panels; 50-inch Full HD transparent display for vending machine; world's first commercially available 55-inch 4K by 2K 2D/3D switchable TV display; 50-inch Full HD 3D TV display with super-narrow bezel; and OGS touch solutions ranging from 4.
For ladies, the new Gc MiniChic Ceramic embodies the characteristic style elements of the current Gc Diver Chic series; the Gc MiniChic Ceramic retains the same round steel face design, but in a 28mm version, enhanced by a plad ceramic bezel with minute markers, T-bar strap attachment and Roman numeral details, which give the watch its sporty and dynamic look.
With an unbreakable hull, the UR-110 derives its strength from its bezel crafted in rare tantalum that is well known for resistance to corrosion and its bio-inertness, a statement from the company said.