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 (bē′bə-lō′, bē-blō′)
1. A small decorative object; a trinket.
2. A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.

[French, from Old French beubelet, from a reduplication of bel, beautiful, from Latin bellus, handsome; see belle.]


(ˈbɪbləʊ; French biblo)
1. an attractive or curious trinket
2. a miniature book
[C19: from French, from Old French beubelet, perhaps from a reduplication of bel beautiful]


(ˈbɪb loʊ, ˈbi bəˌloʊ)

a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.
[1870–75; < French, =bibel- + -ot n. suffix]
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I could see the head-lines in the papers; the fellows at the University Club and the Bibelot shaking their heads and saying, "Poor chap
Offering both an analytical and practical understanding of the construction of Islamic geometric patterns, this book is an unusual hybrid of scholarship and art, combining the qualities of a coffee-table bibelot and a handbook for aficionados--more than that, however, it rewards careful reading.
Our special issue ranges similarly widely, from tiny bibelot magazines to mass-market consumer titles, from radical papers to art journals, emphasizing the sheer range of print production that falls within the category of the periodical to the point of testing that category's limits.
Meanwhile, Erdogan and Merkel signed a photograph and sent it to a 9-year-old student, Lara, who made the "white pace pigeon" bibelot and sent it to Erdogan with Merkel.
clever, and very amiable and she has a handsome fortune', claims Madame Merle at the moment she decides to 'put her in [Osmond's] way', (27) as if she were just another precious bibelot which would deserve his worthy exertion.
she embarked a new passion, becoming CEO and president of Bibelot Inc.
Inside, our interior designer--my wife Barb, as it happens, president of Bibelot Interiors--went through much of the building, including the resident suites, with new carpet; a darker, more attractive shade of green (quite similar to our first Meadow Glen of Leesburg [Leesburg, Virgina]--see Design Center, October 2002, p.
Store Owner City/State Apple Book Center Sherry McGee Detroit, MI Bibelot Brian Weese Baltimore, MD Fact & Fiction Barbara Theroux Missoula, MT Just Books, Inc.
He racked up two flops, Bibelot in 1991, and the Napa Cafe in 1995.
Embedded railroad tracks disappear into a new brick walkway leading to the main entrance of Bibelot and Donna's Coffee Bar, a regional book and music superstore with cafe occupying 18,660 square feet of the 4-stroy, 200,000-square-foot Signature Building.
Even more subtly, by participating in the contest for the purchase of a precious stone, Elena herself fosters that excessive "amore del bibelot e del bric-a-brac" (Piacere 68) spreading in the noble salons like a contagious disease.