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 (bē′bə-lō′, bē-blō′)
1. A small decorative object; a trinket.
2. A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.

[French, from Old French beubelet, from a reduplication of bel, beautiful, from Latin bellus, handsome; see belle.]


(ˈbɪbləʊ; French biblo)
1. an attractive or curious trinket
2. a miniature book
[C19: from French, from Old French beubelet, perhaps from a reduplication of bel beautiful]


(ˈbɪb loʊ, ˈbi bəˌloʊ)

a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.
[1870–75; < French, =bibel- + -ot n. suffix]
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References in classic literature ?
I could see the head-lines in the papers; the fellows at the University Club and the Bibelot shaking their heads and saying, "Poor chap
Les objets en cuivre, les bibelots en verre, la tannerie mettant en valeur le savoir-faire des artisans ont connu egalement un franc succes.
Among these were The Freak, The Whim, The Knocker, and The Iconoclast (Faxon, Ephemeral Bibelots, "A Bibliography").
Beaucoup de domaines restent a exploiter, notamment les anciens manuscrits, les livres, les bibelots, les affiches, les sculptures et les meubles ainsi que les voitures de collection.
A profusion of flower and inseat-inspired bibelots in a rainbow array of gemstones juxtaposed with diamonds adorns the display cases at Shrode, among them a multicolored sapphire dragonfly pin in 18K gold with .
And many of the bibelots in the store are not bought from people.
chaises, bibelots, livres, cendriers, bougeoirs, tableaux, vaisselle, velos .
Many of Richard Shaw's distinct ceramics produced primarily under those exceptional circumstances are identifiable by their particular painterly surfaces replacing the usual slick graphics, their surreal compositional arrangements bordering sometimes on magic realism and especially in the Andover stint the appearance of kidnapped anonymous greenware bibelots, the usual generic hobby paraphernalia consisting among the catalogue, of Blue Boy, a cat, an elephant and even Santa Claus.
The Charlatans will headline the event at the beautiful Grade 1-listed building, with Police Squad, Deadbeat Echoes, Regency, The Bibelots, Psyence, Welcome Pariah, Violet Class, Wilson Minds and Barney Soanes playing the Concert Room.
We usually sell a large amount of accessories and bibelots, even at high prices.
Qu'il a eu recours a des experts pour estimer ces cadeaux comprenant des vetements, des bibelots, des bijoux, des oeuvres d'art et des montres de luxe, qui vont tous etre mis en vente.
Reconstructed here was one such effort, The Gilded Summer Palace of Czarina Tatlina, 1969-70/2012, a room bedecked with tinfoil stars and stanchions, gossamer streamers, and Byzantine bibelots, which had been conceived as a refuge for a drag queen alter ego he dreamed up for Vladimir Tatlin.