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1. Excessive adherence to a literal interpretation of the Bible.
2. Extreme devotion to or concern with books.

bib′li·ol′a·ter n.
bib′li·ol′a·trous adj.


1. (Bible) someone who reveres the Bible
2. a person who shows excessive admiration for a book

bibliolater, bibliolatrist

a person who is excessively fond of books. See also bible.
See also: Books
a person who respects the Bible excessively and interprets it literally.
See also: Bible
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He was not a bibliolater, but he understood the persuasive power, the potential iconoclasm, of literature.
At first I found this incongruous; but the more I pondered on it the less strange did it seem that circus bibliography, bibliophile or bibliolater should be found in such company.
For example, bibliolaters failed to see that the Book of Job was a dialogue and treated the "insufferable half-truths" of Job's comforters as of equal value with Job's own "pathetic appeals and close and powerful reasoning" (Coleridge 54).